Nursing: Clinical Data

Clinical measures have been identified by The Joint Commission as being important indicators of care quality. A process of care measure shows how often hospitals give recommended treatments that are known to get the best results for patients. Risk-adjusted mortality measures are a quality indicator of hospital performance.

Medical and Surgical Unit Patient Falls Per 1,000 Days

A low number is better.

What this means

This measures the number of patient falls recorded per 1,000 patient days.
The target rate (2.9) was set based upon the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) standard and a review of UVM Medical Center internal data.

Why it's important

Many falls are predictable and therefore preventable. Fall prevention is an important component of our Patient Safety Program. Our nurses assess a patient's potential for falling and use evidence-based interventions to prevent falls.

Chart Source Data - UVM Medical Center #3