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Neurology - 1 South Prospect Street


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Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders​ Clinic

The University of Vermont Medical Center provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment of patients with movement disorders such as:

The goal of the Frederick C. Binter Center for Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorders is to plan and guide the development of clinical services, educational programs and clinical research opportunities pertaining to movement disorders. We strive to improve both the quality of existing services and expand/increase access to services throughout the region that may be required in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and other related conditions.

Further, we are working to develop educational programs to serve patients, families and the medical community and also to facilitate evidence-based study of movement disorders.

Team Approach to Health Care

The Binter Center at The University of Vermont Medical Center, is founded on the philosophy that a team approach to health care is the most effective approach for patients with Parkinson's disease and movement disorders. Parkinson's disease and related conditions include changes in both motor control and non-motor symptoms. The very nature of these disorders often presents a barrier to care, and many patients are undertreated and have limited access to services. We believe that optimal care can only be accomplished through an integrated team approach.

Background - Frederick C. Binter (10/20/17-12/26/06)

"Being his only daughter, I have always seen my father as larger than life and he was my inspiration. What we are doing with this center speaks to the essence of my father as I knew him and what he taught me. His steadfast belief that all things are achievable with hard work, science and ethics applies to every part of life and certainly applies to this effort in his name. He had faith that while the results might not be visible today, they would be in the future as long as we keep working.

The son of an immigrant German printer, he put himself through college dipping ice cream, loving research and the field of medicine. Financially unable to afford medical school, he became an organic chemist and then started his own chemical company which he appropriately named "Independence Chemical Company". Successful in business, he also loved to ski and we made the family pilgrimage to Vermont every Christmas.

He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in the late 1970s. If he could see the multidisciplinary approach with applied science and compassion that this center embodies, he would be very proud of us all."

- Nancy E. Binter, MD

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Recognized for Excellence

The University of Vermont Medical Center's Frederick C. Binter Center for Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders is a designated Huntington's Disease Society of America (HDSA) Center of Excellence.  The HDSA Centers of Excellence provide an elite team approach to Huntington's disease care and research. Patients benefit from expert neurologists, psychiatrists, social workers, therapists, counselors and other professionals who have extensive experience working with families affected by HD and who work collaboratively to help families plan the best HD care program throughout the course of the disease.

Binter Center Director James Boyd, MD, Professor of Neurological Sciences, credited the breadth and coordination of services the Center provides with its continued inclusion as a Center of Excellence. "This is a great honor, particularly given the size of our institution."

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