Integrity and Compliance

Integrity and Compliance

1 South Prospect Street
Arnold- Level 5
Burlington,  Vermont  05401

   (802) 847-9582

The Integrity and Compliance Department is here to help The University of Vermont Medical Center abide by the many business ethics and legal standards that apply to health care providers. In short, the Integrity and Compliance program is all about doing the right thing.

The specific purposes of the program are to:

• Foster a culture of compliance at The UVM Medical Center

• Educate The UVM Medical Center employees on what to do to be in compliance with federal and state statutes

• Ensure that the organization's employees feel comfortable and safe when raising compliance issues

• Establish a clear, expeditious and practical process for obtaining answers to compliance questions

• Document efforts to comply with applicable statutes, regulations and program requirements

• Implement an effective system of audit and remediation.

Toward that end, we have adopted a Code of Conduct which applies to all employees, members of the Board of Trustees, independent contractors, Medical Staff, volunteers, students, and vendors.

We have certain procedures to promote research billing compliance. Researchers can find more information in the Research Billing Compliance section.

Our Chief Compliance Officer is Jennifer Parks. If you have a complaint or concern, you may contact her directly at (802) 847-8556 or via e-mail at She will ensure it is properly investigated and resolved in a timely manner. If you request, she will keep your identity confidential to the fullest extent allowed by law and the nature of the investigation.

1 South Prospect Street (UHC), Burlington, Vermont

Contact Information:
Phone (802) 847-2667
Facsimile (802) 847-9582

Integrity and Compliance Hotline

The UVM Medical Center has established a confidential disclosure mechanism through its Integrity and Compliance Hotline, a toll-free telephone line, as a means to enable employees, residents, staff and patients to report instances of non-compliance and/or make inquiries on compliance issues. The Integrity and Compliance Hotline can be reached at either:

1-800-466-7131 (Toll-Free)

You may remain anonymous if you wish. The UVM Medical Center is committed to a policy of non-retaliation.