Hip and Knee Surgery at The UVM Medical Center

If you are among the millions of Americans suffering from pain or swelling of joints, you have an excellent resource to turn to for relief in The University of Vermont Medical Center. Our Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Center is a unique resource for people with arthritis pain and joint disorders in New England and northern New York. Our orthopedic specialists offer you with options that range from non-surgical orthopedic care to advanced minimally invasive surgical methods.

Our orthopedic surgeons now offer the latest technology for active knee patients: the Smith and Nephew LEGION Cruciate Retaining Knee implant with FDA-cleared VERILAST Knee Technology. This implant is an innovative solution with the potential to double the life of traditional knee implants to 30 years, under normal conditions. Learn more about the 30-year knee.

We'll work with you to evaluate your condition and to determine what treatment fits your goals and your life best. So whether it's your knee or hip, shoulder or elbow, at The UVM Medical Center our team of board-certified doctors, surgeons and experienced nurses are as knowledgeable and caring as you'll find anywhere in the area.

Below we've outlined some of the ways we can help you. If you're younger and have a joint injury caused by either sports or another activity, we can treat you with different non-surgical to minimally invasive surgery that might have you home by dinnertime.

If you're older or have joints that need simply need more help, we can provide orthopedic surgery options such as joint replacement or partial joint replacement surgery that will have you moving around with ease again.

Joint Replacement

Over 50 years of combined orthopedic expertise in joint replacement.

Our UVM Medical Group orthopedic surgeons successfully perform hundreds of joint replacement procedures a year. The types of hip, knee and shoulder treatment options at The UVM Medical Center include:

Hip Replacement

Hip replacement is among the most common and successful of orthopedic surgeries. Orthopedic surgeons at The UVM Medical Center remove the top of your thighbone and replace your hip's ball-and-socket mechanism with artificial implants. As a university hospital, we have access to the latest technology available, including a wide range of implants designed to match your age, gender and lifestyle.

Knee Replacement

With partial knee replacement - also known as unicompartmental knee arthroplasty - orthopedic surgeons replace part of the knee joint, preserving healthy bones and ligaments in other areas of the knee. The orthopedic surgical procedure is less invasive than total knee replacement, using smaller incisions and resulting in a shorter recovery. Total knee replacement surgery involves removing diseased bone and tissue and implanting a complete, artificial knee joint.

Years of Experience

The UVM Medical Center orthopedic surgeons have performed joint replacement surgery for decades. Patients have the confidence of working with a dedicated team of highly trained and experienced providers.

f working with a dedicated team of highly trained and experienced providers.

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