Breast Care Center

Breast Care Center

111 Colchester Avenue
Main Campus, Main Pavilion, Level 2
Burlington,  Vermont  05401


A Team Approach to Breast Care

The University of Vermont Medical Center's Breast Care Center in Burlington, VT has built both a regional and national reputation for excellence in breast care.

Our patients are treated using a coordinated team approach, where specialists in various areas of the medical center come to the center to care for the patient in one location. This is more convenient for you, the patient, and it also enhances collaboration among the members of your care team, ensuring you the best possible treatment.

The Breast Care Center's team approach has been used by medical centers across the country as a model of what to strive for in the delivery of breast care.

Your care may include surgeons, radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, and psychologists. Our dedicated nurses and specialized staff help to coordinate this approach to your care.

Breast Care Services at The UVM Medical Center

The UVM Medical Center offers the following breast care services:

Benign Breast Problems

Providers at the Breast Care Center at UVM Medical Center evaluate women with a variety of breast complaints, many of which are benign. Such symptoms include breast pain, breast lumps including breast cysts, nipple discharge or abnormal breast imaging.

A woman may be referred by her primary care physician or have follow-up questions after a series of imaging studies. Assuring a cancer is not present is the primary concern in all complaints.

Research-Based Treatment

Located at The UVM Medical Center's Main Campus in Burlington, Vermont, the Breast Care Center is closely associated with the University of Vermont Cancer Center, where our specialists devote a portion of their time to researching better cancer treatment. Because your doctors are immersed in research, you can be assured that your care is based upon the latest knowledge in the field.