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Genetic disorders can affect the heart or circulatory system. Our doctors have years of experiencing helping patients manage genetic conditions. We offer the latest advances in treatment, counseling and support for patients with genetic disorders.

Genetic Heart Disease: What You Need to Know


The University of Vermont Medical Center doctors use a collaborative approach to treating genetic heart disease. Your team may include a number of different specialists working together to manage your care.


We use the most sophisticated medical technology available for diagnosing and treating genetic heart disease, including the latest advances in imaging scans and surgery.

Personalized care

The UVM Medical Center doctors tailor a course of treatment specifically for you. Your treatment will depend on a number of factors, including the specific disorder causing the heart condition and your general health.

Experience, trusted expertise

At The UVM Medical Center, our physicians have years of experience diagnosing and treating genetic heart disease. You can feel confident knowing you have placed your care in experienced and skilled hands.

What is genetic heart disease?

A genetic disease is a disease caused by an abnormality in your DNA. Certain genetic disorder can affect your heart's function. Some of the more common genetic diseases affecting the heart or blood vessels include:

There are no specific risk factors for genetic heart disease. However, because it is genetic, it often runs in the family. Therefore, if you have a parent with a genetic disorder, you are at higher risk for developing it.

Diagnosis and Treatment: Genetic Heart Disease

The UVM Medical Center is committed to the comprehensive evaluation and care of adults with genetic forms of heart disease. When needed, we work closely with the genetics staff to evaluate both the patient and the family.

At The UVM Medical Center, we use the latest advances in diagnostic procedures to obtain an accurate diagnosis. Then, we will create a personalized treatment plan for you. The goal of treatment is to prevent complications, increase life span and improve your quality of life.

Learn more about genetic heart disease diagnosis, and treatment.