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Neurology - Main Campus

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Our commitment to excellent patient care is enhanced by our relationship with the University of Vermont. Through our research-based expertise, clinical and teaching excellence, and strong community partnerships, we bring home the benefits of academic medicine tostroke patients and their families.

The University of Vermont Medical Center also raises awareness ofstroke and prevention ofstroke in the community through:

  • Partnerships with local agencies
  • Television and radio programming
  • Health fairs
  • Medical conferences
  • Local news media outlets

Stroke Diagnosis in Burlington, VT

Astroke is often detected too late; that is, when a patient reaches the emergency room. However, if you have early symptoms of astroke, there are imaging tests that can determine if you are having astroke or need treatment to prevent one.

Stroke is a progressive disease caused by several cardiovascular risk factors such asfamily history of stroke,diabetes,high blood pressure andhigh cholesterol.

If you have multiple risk factors forstroke, talk to your physician. He or she can perform any of the following imaging tests to detectcardiovascular disease early and possibly prevent astroke. These imaging studies include:

Learn more about stroke treaments in Burlington, VT.

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