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First Trimester:

  • Pap smear if needed
  • Urine culture
  • Chlamydia & Gonorrhea screen
  • Blood work
    • Complete Blood Count
    • Hepatitis B antigen
    • Syphilis screen
    • Blood type and Rh
    • Antibody screen
    • HIV screen
    • Rubella titre
    • Chicken pox titre if needed
    • Parvo virus titre if needed
    • Toxoplasmosis titre if needed
  • Ultrasound for unsure dating, ectopic pregnancy risk, or bleeding
  • 1 hour glucose screen if at risk for gestational diabetes
  • Genetic screening 

Second trimester:

  • 18-20 week ultrasound screening
  • Genetic screening 
  • 24-28 weeks 1 hour glucose tolerance test
  • Hemogram to screen for anemia
  • Blood type, Rh, and antibody screen for Rh negative women

Third Trimester:

  • Group B strep culture at 35-36 weeks
  • Weekly Biophysical profiles or biweekly non-stress tests for women over 37 years and 37 weeks, or with gestation diabetes or hypertension or fetal growth issues or obesity.

Other lab work or testing may be recommended if risk factors develop during the pregnancy that support further investigation.