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Early Pregnancy Care in Burlington, VT

If you choose to see one of the obstetricians or midwives at The University of Vermont Medical Center, one of our specialsts will meet with you at the beginning of your pregnancy. You will be screened to see if an early ultrasound is indicated. If so, one will be scheduled.

Your first visit will include discussing:

  • pregnancy
  • safety concerns
  • nutrition
  • lab testing
  • common discomforts of pregnancy
  • addressing any questions you might have

During your next visit, we will discuss your personal health history and includes a physical exam.

Prenatal care

With routine prenatal care, you will see an OB/GYN or nurse-midwife for your prenatal visits. We answer your questions and educate you about what to expect at each stage of pregnancy. We then perform a quick physical exam and screen for pregnancy risks.

During these visits, we work with you to help you make informed, healthy decisions. We take the time to develop a relationship with you so that we can understand your individual needs and guide you on your journey into motherhood.

Please note that at The UVM Medical Center we are a group practice and therefore we try to have each of our doctors or midwives meet with you over the course your pregnancy to ensure that you are familiar with anyone who might be present at your labor and birth.

High-risk prenatal care

If you are deemed to be a high-risk patient due to age, prior pregnancies or other circumstances, then you will be referred to one of our obstetricians who specialize in high-risk pregnancies. Learn more about this service, called Maternal Fetal Medicine.