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The goal of nasal polyps treatment is to reduce their size or get rid of them. Usually, medications are the first approach. Sometimes surgery is needed, but it may not provide a permanent solution because nasal polyps tend to recur.

Nasal Polyps Treatment in Burlington, VT

Nasal polyps treatment options at The University of Vermont Medical Center include:

Surgery for Nasal Polyps

The type of surgery your otolaryngologist recommends depends on the size, number and location of your nasal polyps and the level of inflammation.

  • Polypectomy: This procedure can be performed when the nasal polyps are small or isolated. Polypectomy is an outpatient procedure that either sucks out or cuts and removes your nasal polyps.
  • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Medications for Nasal Polyps

It's likely your otolaryngologist will begin your nasal polyps treatment with medications.

  • Corticosteroids
    Nasal corticosteroid sprays reduce inflammation and may shrink or completely get rid of your nasal polyps. Sometimes otolaryngologists prescribe oral corticosteroids if nasal corticosteroids aren't effective. If neither nasal nor oral corticosteroids work, the physician may recommend injecting a corticosteroid directly into your nasal polyps.
  • Other medications
    Treating the conditions that contribute to chronic inflammation includes taking antihistamines to treat allergies and antibiotics to treat a chronic or recurring infection.

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