NOTE: Screening mammograms are for patients without symptoms such as breast tenderness, discharge, swelling or new lumps. If you have symptoms, please contact your primary care provider.

Mammogram Second Opinion Consultations

At the University of Vermont Medical Center, we are pleased to be able to offer second opinions for patients and providers, and consultations on breast images taken elsewhere.

If you had a mammogram at another health care facility and are unclear about the results - or unsure about the next steps to take - we can provide expert advice to guide your course of treatment. Ask your doctor or radiologist for a consultation from our breast imaging radiologists.

Your doctor will contact us and send us your images and other relevant information. One of our breast imaging radiologists will conduct a review and dictate a report. This information is then shared with you and your doctor. We will also help arrange any follow-up appointments if needed.

For more information about breast imaging consultations, contact our Breast Care Center at 802-847-2262.