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Orthopedic surgeons at The University of Vermont Medical Center offer the latest technology for active knee patients: the Smith and Nephew LEGION Cruciate Retaining Knee implant with FDA-cleared VERILAST Knee Technology. This implant is an innovative solution with the potential to double the life of traditional knee implants to 30 years, under normal conditions.

VERILAST Technology: Benefits

Unlike knee implants made from cobalt chrome metal and a high-density plastic, FDA-cleared VERILAST technology combines two revolutionary materials:

  • Low-friction metal alloy OXINIUM, which is 4,900 times more abrasion resistant than cobalt chrome
  • A highly cross-linked polyethylene plastic insert

By combining these two low-friction materials, the new knee implant device can significantly reduce the kind of wear that can cause an implant to wear out before its time.

30-Year Knee: Surgery at The UVM Medical Center

The UVM Medical Center orthopedic surgeons are the only providers in Burlington, Vermont offering Smith and Nephew's LEGION Cruciate Retaining Knee implant with VERILAST Knee Technology.

What makes this new knee implant superior to traditional knee implants?

  • Long-lasting. FDA-cleared VERILAST is the only knee technology laboratory tested for 30 simulated years of wear performance. This is a vast improvement over the current estimated implant lifespan of 10 to 15 years.
  • Lighter. Materials are 20 percent lighter and dramatically smoother than conventional cobalt chrome implants.
  • Hypoallergenic. The implant contains no nickel or chromium, materials that may cause problems for patients who have metal sensitivity.

Total Knee Replacement: Advanced Technology at The UVM Medical Center

Our orthopedic surgeons combine VERILAST Technology with Smith and Nephew's VISIONAIRE custom-fit surgical instrumentation system for knee replacement surgery.

We have been using VISIONAIRE technology since 2009; benefits include:

  • Reduced anesthesia time
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Reduced risk of implant misalignment
  • Reduced soft tissue and muscle damage
  • Less pain during recovery

Together, the VERILAST and VISIONAIRE technologies offer patients a longer-lasting, more natural feeling knee joint with a shorter recovery period than traditional knee joint replacement options.

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