Are You a Candidate?

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Migraine Research Study

Do you have one-sided attacks?

What is happening in the brain during an attack?

As part of a research study to examine what is happening in the brain during a one-sided migraine attack, clinicians in the UVM Medical Center Neurology service are looking for volunteers with migraine who:

  • Are 18-65 years old
  • Have one to eight migraine attacks a month
  • Have attacks affecting just ONE SIDE of the head at a time

Volunteers will be asked to complete a brief research visit at the UVM Headache Clinic at our 1 South Prospect, Burlington location. Once accepted, they would have to undergo an MRI of their brain during a migraine attack prior to taking their usual pain-relieving medicines at our Main Campus location. Subjects will be given $50 for participating in the study.

More Information

For more information, please call the Principal Investigator Adam S. Sprouse Blum, MD at 802-847-8050 or listen to the interview below: