Jeffords Institute for Quality - Research

The Research program supports research endeavors directed towards improving the quality of care, patient safety and operational efficiency at The University of Vermont Medical Center and its affiliated partners. This program, offered by the Jeffords Institute for Quality and Operational Effectiveness at the UVM Medical Center, strives to stimulate a priori thinking and planning for conducting hypothesis-driven and scientifically-sound research that generates knowledge that will improve clinical outcomes for populations.

Together with existing infrastructure at the University of Vermont, the Research program provides guidance that facilitates the research process across the full spectrum - from idea conception to implementation and dissemination. 

Services Available to Researchers

The following resources are available to investigators conducting quality improvement research or clinical research in affiliation with the UVM Medical Center and can be requested by going to Research Resource Request.

  • Research Planning & Design
  • Literature Search
  • Clinical Ethics Guidance
  • Finding/Applying for Grant Funding
  • Clinical Data Extraction
  • Statistical Guidance
  • Scientific Writing Consultation
  • NRC Proposal Review

Allison Kaigle Holm, PhD
Director of Research
Jeffords Institute for Quality
Phone: 802-847-7912, 802-734-6047