The UVM Medical Center Community Health Needs Assessments

The University of Vermont Medical Center routinely conducts community health needs assessments (CHNA) to understand current health trends, needs and assets. New federal legislation requires hospitals to conduct community health assessments every three years. Community assessments help us to identify areas of focus and are an integral resource for our community benefit plan.

The UVM Medical Center’s 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment was conducted over a two year period for the health service area of Chittenden and Grand Isle counties. The assessment includes information from 5 focus groups, 17 community leader interviews, a community survey, and 63 data indicators.

The Community Health Assessment Steering Committee identified several areas of need from the CHNA and recommended these priorities to the UVM Medical Center's Community Health Investment Committee (CHIC). The CHIC reviewed the recommendations and supporting data, and agreed upon five objectives upon which to focus funding, collaboration and in-kind investment. Additionally, a new committee is being formed at the UVM Medical Center that will focus exclusively on ongoing community health needs assessment and implementation plans. The five priority areas (in alphabetical order) are:

  • Access to Food and Nutrition
  • Dental Health (especially children)
  • Mental Health (especially children)
  • Removing Barriers to Care (affordability, language, transportation)
  • Senior Issues (caregiving, safety, well-being)

Download the UVM Medical Center's 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Strategy. To receive a paper copy, please email Julie Cole or call 802-847-2278.