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The University of Vermont Health Network is the parent organization of a seven-hospital, cross-lake partnership that establishes a highly integrated health care system serving the communities of Vermont and northern New York. The hospitals include The University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington, Vermont; Alice Hyde Medical Center (AHMC) in Malone, New York; Central Vermont Medical Center (CVMC) in Barre, Vermont; VNA of Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties, Vermont; Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital (CVPH) in Plattsburgh, New York; Elizabethtown Community Hospital in Elizabethtown, New York; and Porter Medical Center in Middlebury, Vermont.

This integrated health delivery system includes more than 1,000 physicians, more than 2,000 nurses and countless other health care professionals. Over the next several years, the UVM Health Network will carry out centralized activities for the benefit of patients of all the partner organizations, including:

  • Improving access to local care
  • Providing greater purchasing power
  • Enhancing information technology
  • Increasing academic opportunities for physicians
  • Engaging in regional strategic planning
  • Participating in joint quality and clinical initiatives

Working Together While Preserving Unique Identities

Under the affiliation, the UVM Medical Center, Alice Hyde Medical Center, Central Vermont Medical Center, Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital, and Elizabethtown Community Hospital will remain separate free-standing hospitals with their own boards, management, workforce, licensure, medical staff (including credentialing and governance) and endowment. The medical staffs of each hospital will remain separate with separate credentialing and governance.


The University of Vermont Health Network’s 19-member board is drawn from the membership of the organizations' current boards and includes seven members from The University of Vermont Medical Center, Community Partners Incorporated (CPI, the parent company of Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital, Alice Hyde Medical Center, and Elizabethtown Community Hospital), Central Vermont Medical Center, and Porter Medical Center, two ex-officio members (the president and chief executive officer of The University of Vermont Health Network and the dean of The University of Vermont College of Medicine) and two vacant seats to accommodate future affiliations. Upon expiration of the terms of current members, replacements will be elected by the Board and do not need to be trustees of any subsidiary board.


  • The UVM Health Network President and CEO - John Brumsted, MD
  • Executive Vice President for northern New York - Stephens Mundy, CVPH Medical Center President and CEO
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Member Appointed by
Mike Dellipriscoli Central Vermont Medical Center
Marta Marble Central Vermont Medical Center
Tom Robbins, Chair Central Vermont Medical Center
Greg Voorheis Central Vermont Medical Center
Bob Perkins Community Providers, Inc.
Jane Preston, Secretary Community Providers, Inc.
Paul Sands Community Providers, Inc.
Lawrence DeShaw The UVM Medical Center
Donald Gilbert, Vice Chair The UVM Medical Center
Scottie Ginn The UVM Medical Center
Stephen Marsh The UVM Medical Center
Philip Mead, MD The UVM Medical Center
Gretchen Morse The UVM Medical Center
John Powell The UVM Medical Center
John Brumsted, MD, ex officio The UVM Medical Center
Dean Morin, ex officio The UVM Medical Center

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