Honor a Caregiver at UVM Medical Center

There’s no better way to acknowledge a wonderful caregiver than through our Honor a Caregiver program, which allows you to support the UVM Medical Center in the name of a special nurse, doctor, or multitude of staff who stood by you throughout your healthcare journey.

Anyone who’s visited the UVM Medical Center knows that we define “care” in the broadest possible terms – because our remarkable team understands that the comprehensive physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our patients and loved ones must be met in order to achieve true wellness.

Our Honor a Caregiver program allows you to pay tribute to a Medical Center team member who offered especially meaningful comfort and care throughout your experience. After you give a gift to the Medical Center in honor of a designated caregiver, he or she will receive a notification about the gift along with a “Healthcare Hero” pin – letting our whole community know about your caregiver’s heroic efforts.

honor your provider  

The providers who made you smile during your recovery.

honor your specialist  

The support specialist whose knowledge of sign language made it easy for you to understand your treatment plan.

honor medical staff  

The staff member who made your loved one feel at ease in the hospital environment.

honor your volunteer  

The volunteer who delivered the daily newspaper to your bedside.

To donate through our Honor a Caregiver program, you may either make your gift online or explore one of our additional ways to give.

honored provider graphic.png

“I met Dr. Wallace three years ago, when I first learned I had cancer. Choosing among the many treatment options might have been overwhelming, but Dr. Wallace took the time to help me understand them and decide which one was right for me. I was amazed by the whole operation—the facility, the highly-skilled staff, the easy scheduling and so many other little details that ultimately made a big difference.”

—Bruce from Shelburne, VT