At the UVM Medical Center, we’re much more than an outstanding hospital with the very best caregivers. We’re an education powerhouse, with our renowned clinicians and researchers training the next generation of human health leaders. And we’re a research leader, with scientists who constantly make lab discoveries that raise our patient care to new heights.

To maintain our status as a premier academic medical center, we’ve identified the following focus areas for philanthropic investment. Click the links below to learn more about giving to these areas, or contact us at to discuss a different direction for your gift.

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Annual Fund

Donations to the UVM Medical Center’s Annual Fund are used to support the full spectrum of needs and priorities at our hospital. This powerful fund touches every aspect of our mission with the patient and their family at the center of our work. When you make a gift to the annual fund, you join thousands of other community donors in transforming health care in Vermont and northern New York.

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The Robert E. and Holly D. Miller Building

"In this extraordinary inpatient building, patients and families will find all of the things that are absolutely necessary for the highest quality care. What I’m most excited about is seeing patients and their loved ones interacting with our team in an environment that’s comfortable, quiet and conducive to healing.”
— Eileen Whalen, MHA, RN, President and COO, UVM Medical Center

Cancer Care

Cancer Care

Every day someone in our cancer community benefits from the generous philanthropic support of the more than 5,000 donors who give each year to the UVM Cancer Center. Philanthropy is crucial to providing VCC’s world-class research, education and prevention programs, as well as exceptional patient care and comprehensive support services.

Cardiology Care

Cardiovascular Care

Nationally recognized for providing high-quality cardiac care, our experts in life-saving cardiac specialties, preventive cardiology and cardiac rehabilitation can help thousands of heart patients from across our region. Your support can help us in the fight against heart-related death and disease.

children's health

Children's Health

Contributions to the UVM Children’s Hospital go toward the latest treatments, technologies and research therapies that can change children’s lives. Donations to children’s services also help to educate the next generation of pediatric physicians and nurses and develop community programs that improve the health of our children today and tomorrow.