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The Science of Happiness: How to Overcome Pandemic Grief

Andrew Rosenfeld, MD, a psychiatrist within the University of Vermont Health Network, describes the emotional impact of COVID-19 as one of wide-ranging grief. “We’re grieving from loss of life, loss of employment, loss of educational opportunities, and from the loss of both physical and relationship

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Is It Easy to Give Blood? You Bet. Here’s How.

Yes, blood donation involves a needle. But let’s face it, in the era of COVID-19, most of us are pretty familiar with needles by now. And just like COVID-19 vaccination, this jab can mean you are saving a life. There is a historic blood shortage happening right now. Demand for blood is high, mostly


Two Years Into the Pandemic, Teens Logging on for Help

Like many of her teenage patients, Anna Hankins, MD, spends more time on her devices than she used to. A pediatrician with UVM Health Network – Central Vermont Medical Center, she is one of the many physicians using telehealth technologies – video visits or digital messaging – as a means to reach

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With Profound Appreciation, Thomas

Thomas Jackson suffered a massive seizure due to a brain tumor he didn’t even know was there and arrived at the UVM Medical Center Emergency Department unconscious. Jackson's road to recovery was difficult and he was so thankful to staff for the care he received that he wrote a letter thanking them

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Eat, Drink and Be Healthy: 8 Tips for Holiday Indulgence

For many, the lavish meals and sweet treats that accompany holiday gatherings can come with a sense of guilt about unhealthy choices. Maryann Ludlow, RD, CD, CDE, a registered dietitian at the University of Vermont Medical Center, provides some easy tips and recipes to help keep a healthy balance

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How to Handle the Holidays

Making holiday plans during a global pandemic requires some mental gymnastics. We’re planning meals, scheduling kids’ vaccinations, navigating COVID-19 travel guidance and sorting out sleeping arrangements, all while a highly infectious respiratory virus continues to circulate our communities. “The

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Explaining the Safety of the COVID-19 Vaccine for Children: The Experts Weigh In

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officially endorsed the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children age five to 11. Pediatric experts Lewis First, MD, Chief of Pediatrics at UVM Children’s Hospital, and Rebecca Bell, MD, president of the Vermont state chapter of the American Academy of

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First With Kids: What You Need to Know About Teen Suicide

Parents have been asking me some tough questions recently about their teenagers being stressed to the point they might try to hurt themselves or even try to commit suicide. This is a topic that should be stressed for all parents, so let me try to provide some helpful information. Suicide is one of

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Relationship Red Flags

The stereotype of a domestic abuser looks like this: A domineering male with a short fuse who routinely erupts, physically assaulting a vulnerable female. But it’s rarely that simple. Domestic abuse can mean outright physical violence, but it can also mean a lot of other things, from sexual assault

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Social Media Challenges: Why Teens Take the Dare

During the first three weeks of 2018, poison control centers across the country reported 86 intentional exposures to single-use laundry detergent packets by teenagers. The “Tide Pod Challenge,” which spurred young people to post videos of themselves eating the toxic pods, had gone viral. Though not

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COVID-19 Booster: What You Need To Know

UPDATED 11/30/21 Infectious disease experts Jessie Leyse, MD, of UVM Health Network – Central Vermont Medical Center and Tim Lahey, MD, MMSc, of UVM Medical Center tackle the top questions about COVID-19 booster vaccines. Why do I need a booster of the COVID-19 vaccine? Although COVID-19 vaccination

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Medicare 101

Medicare provides health insurance benefits for people age 65 years and older, as well as certain people under 65 with disabilities or specific medical conditions. Becoming eligible for Medicare creates a lot of new opportunities – but you need to know how to make the most of them. 1. What does

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11 Mammogram Questions You’re Too Shy To Ask

Breast health experts Kim Dittus, MD, and Michelle Sowden, MD, of UVM Medical Center’s Breast Care Center join Mammography Team Leader Brittani Trombley, of UVM Health Network – Central Vermont Medical Center, to answer the 11 breast care and preventive health questions they’ve heard from their

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When Will the Pandemic End? Your Top 9 COVID-19 Questions Answered

Infectious disease experts Cindy Noyes, MD, and Tim Lahey, MD, MMSc, join pulmonologist and critical care medicine physician Gil Allen, MD, to weigh in about boosters, mandates and more. 1. Why are some vaccines, like polio, one and done while others need annual boosters? Most vaccines – against


COVID and Flu: You Have the Power to Help Prevent a Twindemic

Fall is here, apples are ripe for the picking and school is back in session, but as we put our gardens to bed and prep our homes for winter, we should do the same when considering our health this season. COVID-19 has consumed our attention but there’s another threat right around the corner: the flu

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