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Something New Under the Sun

Our region may not be known for sunny weather, but that doesn’t mean we should discount the threat of skin cancer. In fact, the prevalence of skin cancer in Vermont and Northern New York is actually among the country’s highest. “Living here clearly does not give you a free pass,” says Melanie R. Bui

Cancer Skin Cancer

Sustainability Remains a Priority at UVM Medical Center

Recognizing that a healthy climate is critical for all patients and communities, The University of Vermont Medical Center has taken another bold step in its journey toward sustainable health care by joining Race to Zero, the United Nations-backed global climate action campaign, with a pledge to

Environmental Health

61st in Line for a Transplant: James’ Story

James and Magan Brown remember going to bed feeling defeated. It started with a phone call around 10:30 p.m. from Lisa Wood, RN, at The University of Vermont Medical Center’s Transplant Surgery Program saying that a possible kidney match had been identified and to be prepared. "You're 61st in line,”

Chronic Conditions Kidney Disease Organ Donation Patient Stories Transplant Surgery

Let’s Talk About Consent

A girl pinches a boy on the playground and we laugh and say that means she has a crush on him. A dispute arises between two adolescents and we ask them to “hug it out.” An old family friend insists on squeezing your child’s cheeks in greeting, and we brush off the complaints, explaining it is just a

Children's Health Women’s Health Men’s Health Child Abuse Parenting Child Safety Domestic Abuse Teenagers Suicide Prevention

Does Food Impact Our Mental Health?

Can what we eat really impact our mental health? The answer is a definitive “Yes!” Nutrients such as omega 3 fats, vitamin K, folate, Beta carotene, as well as a host of phytochemicals, play a key role in maintaining our mental health. Food choice can slow cognitive decline and decrease anxiety and

Mental Health Food and Nutrition Diet Recipes Anxiety Alzheimer's and Dementia

Building Up While Sitting Down

Maybe you are recovering from illness. Or, despite your best intentions, you spend hours at a time sitting at your desk. Perhaps you’re an older adult with mobility challenges. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, you can benefit from performing basic strengthening exercises whenever you find

Aging Well Arthritis

You’re Sick, Too?

With masks coming off, it seems like seasonal illnesses like the flu, the common cold and stomach bugs are running rampant. Is that really the case, or are we all just paying more attention to sickness than we did before COVID-19? We asked Jessie Leyse, MD, MPH, an infectious disease physician and

Children's Health COVID-19 Wellness Colds Community Health Flu Parenting

5 Healthy Recipes You Can Make with Your Kids

For parents of picky eaters, the kitchen table can often feel more like a battleground than a safe haven. “Getting your kids involved in the kitchen can be a great way to break down some of that resistance and introduce them to new and healthy foods,” says Leah Pryor, executive chef at The

Food and Nutrition Children's Health Teenagers Parenting Recipes Caregiving Diet

‘I Feel Like I'm Making a Difference Here’

Sandra Richardson, RN, MSN, spent nearly 20 years working as a nurse in her native South Carolina. Then, after working for a couple of years as a travel nurse, first in Southeast and then in Vermont, she decided to join the neurology team full time at the University of Vermont Medical Center in

Nursing Workforce

Taking It to the Bank

Lauren Rolandini, RN, lays back in a donation chair while Sarah Cooper, a Richmond Rescue AEMT, inserts a needle into her arm with the skill and ease of someone who has done it a thousand times. The two share a quick smile behind their masks as Rolandini squeezes a foam ball in her fist, her blood

Wellness Community Health Innovation Volunteering

When Time Is of the Essence

Many people are aware that it’s important to get care quickly for stroke patients, but they may not know just how crucial fast action can be. “Left untreated, a stroke victim can lose millions of brains cells every minute,” says Daniela Zambrano, MD, a vascular neurologist at The University of

Men’s Health Women’s Health Stroke Neurological Disorders

Don’t Sweat It: Busting Six Menopause Myths

If you break out in a sweat just thinking about what menopause might mean for your mood, your relationships or your ability to sleep through the night, chill out. Women’s health experts Daniel Laury, MD, of UVM Health Network – Alice Hyde Medical Center in Malone, N.Y., and Mariah North, MD, of UVM

Women’s Health Aging Well

With Help from Young Survivors Group, Oncology Nurse Has Peak Experience

When Kelly Gernander, an oncology nurse in the University of Vermont Cancer Center’s Oncology-Hematology Clinic, finished a grueling chemotherapy regimen in 2007 and was declared cancer-free, she felt on top of the world. Less than a year later, she really was on top of the world, cresting the

Cancer Colorectal Cancer Patient Stories

Heart Care Hits the Road

The earlier Gavin Noble, MD, can discover a problem with a patient’s heart, the better. But when that patient lives in a rural community, where specialty care like cardiology isn’t available close by, discovering that problem can be impossible. “From Ticonderoga, it’s more than an hour drive to

Heart Health Community Health Innovation Patient Stories

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