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From a New Heart Valve to Chopping Firewood in 10 Days

It’s safe to say that Doug Varney hasn’t slowed down in retirement: He played ice hockey into his late 60s, cut eight cords of firewood this winter and built an 80-foot raised garden bed with cinder blocks. “Having a serious heart problem didn’t quite fit the mold,” Varney, a retired professor from

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Omega-3s: Worth the Heart-Health Hype?

Interest in the potential health benefits of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids began in the 1940s, when researchers noted that native populations in Greenland, who consumed a diet rich in oily fish, had a very low rate of heart disease. In 1999, a landmark study that followed 11,000 patients over

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Melatonin Madness

When we’re having trouble sleeping, we want a quick fix. Thanks to the easy over-the-counter availability of melatonin, many people turn to this supplement for insomnia and jet lag. But is it really a magic pill? Are there side effects to melatonin use? We turned to our resident expert, Pamela Swift

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The Future Is Now

Picture this: A disoriented patient arrives at The University of Vermont Health Network - Porter Medical Center , worried about a potential stroke. After an initial assessment, a physician's assistant orders a special CT scan called a computed tomography angiogram (CTA) to check for artery blockages

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The Widow-Maker Scare

In the summer of 2023, Buddy Singh’s daily workouts were accompanied by an unexpected visitor: a mysterious pain in his back, nestled somewhere deep between his shoulder blades. “I would only notice it when I was pushing myself the max on the stationary bike,” says Singh, an avid snowboarder and

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How Bad is My Cough?

Ever since the pandemic swept the world in 2020, cold and flu season has been an anxious time for many. Is that a regular old sneeze or something worse? Will the sore throat stop or is it just the beginning of a more serious illness? It’s hard to look at respiratory infections the way we once did –

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The Power of Protein: Just the Facts

The adage “you are what you eat” is nowhere more fitting than when talking about protein. The protein molecules we ingest are literally the building blocks of our organs, bones and muscles. Most people realize that protein is good for them in general, but many detailed questions remain: Does it

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8 Tips for Skiing and Riding Safely

Nate Endres, MD, is an orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon at The University of Vermont Medical Center . Dr. Endres is also a lifelong skier. Meeting new people may be his favorite part of his job, but Dr. Endres says he understands why the feeling may not always be mutual for his patients: No

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Say “No” to Resolutions

Forget losing 20 pounds, running a marathon or quitting social media. Much smaller changes can actually have a bigger impact on your life in the long run. Why? You’re more likely to do them and stick with them. Here are eight easy health “fixes” that can kickstart a new year of healthy habits and

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Snacks: Not Just for Eating

The start of a new year often brings our health and wellness goals into sharper focus. But maintaining our dedication to a new exercise or nutrition commitment can become tough as the weeks and months roll on, especially on the busiest days. Move a little Adopting the idea of "exercise snacks" can

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14 Cancer Experts Share What They Do for Their Health

The American Cancer Society estimates that 41 out of 100 men and 39 out of 100 women will develop cancer in their lifetime. That means, according to the National Cancer Institute , that this year alone, nearly two million people in the U.S. will first hear the frightening words, “You have cancer.”

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Unleashing Your Power to Transform

Behavioral change: Just saying it, much less doing it, can seem daunting. The idea of having to alter your ingrained habits and adopt healthier practices can seem challenging, if not overwhelming. But there’s reason for optimism, according to Jessica Coleman, an integrative oncology health and

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‘Tis the Season to Buy (and Buy)

The holiday season can be the most wonderful time of the year – and also the most expensive. With gift-giving added on top of the usual household budget, pressures can mount. According to Peter Jackson, MD, a child and family psychiatrist and medical director of the Addiction Treatment Center at The

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10 Healthy Recipes for the Holidays

With the official start of winter just around the corner, the desire for cozy, satisfying, sit-by-candlelight meals really starts to kick in. But so does the holiday rush – and with it the desire to not add to the stress by spending hours shopping and chopping. We asked our resident food and

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Healthy Holiday Travel

When it comes to keeping yourself healthy during travel, people’s good-natured advice tends to circulate like the air blowing from the overhead vent on a 747 -- forceful, but somehow stale. And then there are those who admit they simply resign themselves to getting sick every time they board an

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