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A Bond Beyond Marriage

As a young girl in the 1970s, Cori Dudley had a front-row seat to her aunt’s kidney disease. After years struggling as her kidneys failed, her aunt eventually received a transplant. It allowed her decades longer with her family. Cori’s life moved on, until one day in 1994 when her husband, Tim

Chronic Conditions Organ Donation Kidney Disease

Cold or Allergies?

By April, we’re all typically yearning for spring and its longer, warmer days. And then we get a late snowstorm, and all hope seems lost. It’s the same with winter ills: Upper respiratory infections are unfortunately still making the rounds (and rounds) in our area. It’s only natural that people

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9 Things You May Not Know About Colon Cancer

A few years ago, the death of actor Chadwick Boseman -- most famous for his lead role in the blockbuster Black Panther -- shocked movie lovers everywhere. He was only 43 and died of colon cancer, a condition he kept private. Unfortunately, death from colon cancer at a relatively young age isn’t as

Digestive Health Cancer Colorectal Cancer

Love Your Gut

Last year, the New York Times published an article highlighting the prevalence of trendy gut health advice on TikTok. Like clockwork, influencers were posting videos on the latest “hack” to improve gut health, “from cucumber-ginger juices and boiled apples to sludgy sweet potato soups,” noted the

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Eclipse Viewing: Do’s and Don’ts

On April 8, for the first time since 1932 and the last time until 2106, a total solar eclipse will cross North America, passing over Vermont and the North Country in the afternoon. Starting at about 3:25 pm, the moon will pass between the sun and the Earth, completely blocking the face of the sun

Injury Prevention Safety Tips

Blood Tests: What You Need to Know

Let’s face it: Nobody looks forward to blood tests, but they’re quick, relatively easy and can tell you and your provider a lot about your health. Some blood tests are screening labs, like those ordered as part of a wellness exam, while others are used to monitor a condition or answer a specific

Wellness Diabetes Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Primary Care STI

5 Benefits of Walking Outdoors

“When my family moved to Vermont almost 20 years ago, it felt like we had stepped into a postcard,” shares Kim Dittus, MD, PhD , medical oncologist at University of Vermont Medical Center . “There is an enjoyable outdoor activity around every corner in the Northeast.” As we leave mud season behind

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How Exercise Helps Me Manage My Pain

by Rebecca Benes, patient, University of Vermont Cancer Center I grew up in Shelburne, Vermont, and currently live in Jericho. In between, I moved to Ithaca, New York, for veterinary school and then to the Northwoods of Wisconsin where I got married and worked primarily as a veterinarian with dairy

Cancer Fitness Skin Cancer

At the Heart of the Matter

Beverly O’Connor had a problem. She was missing morning walks with her childhood friend. The issue was with her heart. “I could never catch my breath and it got to the point where I couldn’t walk for more than a few minutes at a time without stopping,” says O’Connor, a long-time resident of Keene

Heart Health Heart Attack Fitness Patient Stories

From a New Heart Valve to Chopping Firewood in 10 Days

It’s safe to say that Doug Varney hasn’t slowed down in retirement: He played ice hockey into his late 60s, cut eight cords of firewood this winter and built an 80-foot raised garden bed with cinder blocks. “Having a serious heart problem didn’t quite fit the mold,” Varney, a retired professor from

Heart Health Heart Attack Innovation Patient Stories

Omega-3s: Worth the Heart-Health Hype?

Interest in the potential health benefits of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids began in the 1940s, when researchers noted that native populations in Greenland, who consumed a diet rich in oily fish, had a very low rate of heart disease. In 1999, a landmark study that followed 11,000 patients over

Food and Nutrition Heart Health Recipes Diet Heart Attack

Melatonin Madness

When we’re having trouble sleeping, we want a quick fix. Thanks to the easy over-the-counter availability of melatonin, many people turn to this supplement for insomnia and jet lag. But is it really a magic pill? Are there side effects to melatonin use? We turned to our resident expert, Pamela Swift

Wellness Sleep Disorders

The Widow-Maker Scare

In the summer of 2023, Buddy Singh’s daily workouts were accompanied by an unexpected visitor: a mysterious pain in his back, nestled somewhere deep between his shoulder blades. “I would only notice it when I was pushing myself the max on the stationary bike,” says Singh, an avid snowboarder and

Heart Health Heart Attack Fitness Patient Stories

How Bad is My Cough?

Ever since the pandemic swept the world in 2020, cold and flu season has been an anxious time for many. Is that a regular old sneeze or something worse? Will the sore throat stop or is it just the beginning of a more serious illness? It’s hard to look at respiratory infections the way we once did –

COVID-19 Flu Colds RSV

The Power of Protein: Just the Facts

The adage “you are what you eat” is nowhere more fitting than when talking about protein. The protein molecules we ingest are literally the building blocks of our organs, bones and muscles. Most people realize that protein is good for them in general, but many detailed questions remain: Does it

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