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Flu Is the Last Thing You Need. 5 Steps to Avoid Infection.

With omicron threatening an already overburdened health care system, you don’t want to land in the hospital with the flu. Infectious disease expert Jessie Leyse, MD, MPH, shares some tips about how to stay healthy.

COVID-19 Flu

A Doctor’s Plea to Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19

We've seen too many people, even young people, die from COVID-19. The vast majority were unvaccinated and when they show up here, it’s too late. Until we have everyone vaccinated, we’re going to see this pattern continue indefinitely.

COVID-19 Vaccines

The Science of Happiness: How to Overcome Pandemic Grief

Two years into a global pandemic, the many ways COVID-19 has affected our mental health is becoming clear.

Mental Health COVID-19 Wellness Volunteering

Two Years Into the Pandemic, Teens Logging on for Help

Physicians across the UVM Health Network are using video visits and telehealth appointments to meet the growing need for adolescent mental health care

Mental Health Children's Health COVID-19 Anxiety Depression Eating Disorders

Explaining the Safety of the COVID-19 Vaccine for Children: The Experts Weigh In

Pediatric experts Lewis First, MD, Chief of Pediatrics at UVM Children’s Hospital, and Rebecca Bell, MD, president of the Vermont state chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and a pediatric critical care specialist, weigh in on the safety of the vaccines for children.

Children's Health COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 Booster: What You Need To Know

Our experts address common questions about COVID-19 vaccine boosters, including who is eligible and why a booster shot is so important.

COVID-19 Vaccines Flu

When Will the Pandemic End? Your Top 9 COVID-19 Questions Answered

Infectious disease experts Cindy Noyes, MD, and Tim Lahey, MD, MMSc, join pulmonologist and critical care medicine physician Gil Allen, MD, to weigh in about boosters, mandates and more.


COVID and Flu: You Have the Power to Help Prevent a Twindemic

For Jessie Leyse, MD, an infectious disease expert, it all comes down to making smart choices to mitigate risk. Influenza kills people every year, and having a vaccine could save your life.

COVID-19 Wellness Flu

COVID-19 Confusion? 11 Questions Answered

This is an exhausting and confusing time, with endless information – and misinformation – everywhere. Infectious disease expert Cindy Noyes, MD, sat down with us to help make sense of it all.


Facebook Live: What Parents Need to Know About the Delta Variant

On August 18th, we held a Q&A about the Delta variant with Lewis First, MD, Chief of Pediatrics at the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital, and Rebecca Bell, MD, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics - Vermont Chapter.

COVID-19 Children's Health

If You Haven’t Been Vaccinated Yet, Now’s the Time

The delta variant of the COVID-19 virus is far more contagious and just as deadly. Infectious disease expert Tim Lahey, MD, tells you what you need to know to stay safe.


Hey Man, These Small Changes Have a Big Impact on Your Health

Most health issues are largely preventable, but studies show many men don’t access health care regularly. In honor of Men’s Health Month, we asked an expert for simple advice for guys hoping to live a healthier lifestyle.

Men’s Health Mental Health Wellness COVID-19

'The team's commitment...has been just amazing'

Howard Schapiro, MD, reflects on the necessary chaos and teamwork of the early days of COVID-19 vaccination.

COVID-19 Vaccines

‘The significance of this work is not lost on anyone’

Nicole Courtois brought 20 years of experience to her role as the clinic’s onsite leader. She describes the experience as “hanging onto the wings of a plane as it flies.”

COVID-19 Vaccines

‘The vaccines are a ray of hope’

Merideth Plumpton, RN, nurse program coordinator for the State of Vermont’s immunization program, was the unshakeable go-to source for all questions vaccine-related.

COVID-19 Vaccines

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