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6 Snack Foods and 3 Easy Recipes to Reduce Your Stress

UVM Medical Center nutrition experts Stephanie Gall, DCN, RD, CD and Leah Pryor give stress-fighting snacks and recipes to fuel you with helpful antioxidants, protein and anti-inflammatories.

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The Pandemic’s Heart-Breaking Side Effect: Sitting, Sitting, Sitting

Medical experts are concerned that the nearly year-long pandemic has led to a decrease in physical activity and increase in heart health risks. UVM Medical Center Cardiologist Sherrie Khadanga, MD, offers advice for stepping up activity at home, and ultimately, improving the health of your heart.

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Ready for a Mental Reboot?

The global pandemic has thrown many of us off of our routines, increased our stress and kick-started some unhealthy habits. The length of time it has lasted, and the reduced access to familiar ways to cope and recharge — exercise, visiting friends and family — has made a bad situation even worse.

Mental Health COVID-19 Wellness

How a Flower Sale Turned into a 2,600 Pound Food Drive at UVM Medical Center

Long before COVID, employees and dedicated garden volunteers at the University of Vermont Medical Center’s Fanny Allen campus have been raising money for the Colchester Food Shelf by selling flower bouquets and arrangements from the cutting garden.

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Staying Safe on the Slopes

Before you zip up your coat to hit the slopes, take a minute to review our health and safety tips.

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He Beat COVID-19, But Won’t Mess With the Flu

Richard Pritsky, 74, beat a serious case of COVID-19 that put him on a ventilator in UVM Medical Center’s intensive care unit. Now that he’s healthy again, he doesn’t intend to mess with the flu. Learn about the steps he’s taking to prep for flu season and a possible “twindemic.”

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Ready for What’s Ahead? You Have the Power to Prevent a Twindemic

Thanks to our diligence, our region has experienced some of the lowest COVID-19 infection rates in the nation. With flu season looming, we can add one more powerful tool to our prevention measures - the flu vaccine.

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Make Green Up Day a Safe Success

For the past 50 years in Vermont, the outdoor spring cleaning effort known as Green Up Day has been a source of civic pride and environmental stewardship. This year’s birthday celebration event looks a little different than originally planned. First, it was postponed because of COVID-19 and will now be held on Saturday, May 30.

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How UVM Medical Center Reduces Risks & Promotes Patient Safety Programs

March 8-14, 2020 is National Patient Safety Awareness Week. The University of Vermont Medical Center is committed to the safety of our patients and families. We have a qualified team of experts who focus on reducing risks and promoting patient safety programs across  our organization. Some of our patient safety programs are: Creating a positive

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Mysteries of the microbiome

Have you heard of the mysterious “microbiome”, and are perhaps wondering what it is, and how you can support it? While scientists have known about the human microbiome for many years, it has only become a topic “in the news” within the past couple of decades.  What is it? According to Merriam-Webster, a microbiome is

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March is National Nutrition Month

Use these online resources to increase your knowledge about eating healthy. Want to know more about using nutrition labels? Try out this interactive guide to food labels available from the US Food and Drug Administration. A healthy diet starts out with a nutritionally balanced plate. Learn what should be on your plate with this information

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Home remedies that may help you feel better when you have the flu

There are many traditional and non-traditional home remedies people use to feel better when they’re sick. Home remedies won’t shorten the duration of flu, but can make you more comfortable as the illness runs its course. See below for a few you can try at home, but note it’s important to check with your primary

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Walk-in Advocacy Service Now Available at Frymoyer Community Health Resource Center

Start spreading the news! The Frymoyer Community Health Resource Center is now part of the Patient and Family Experience Department. What does this change mean? The mission of the Frymoyer Center remains the same, helping patients, their family members and members of the community find the health information they need. It could be information on


Do I have flu, and how can I feel better?

With flu season under way in Vermont, you may be wondering how to best take care of yourself or a loved one with flu. Most people with flu can manage the illness at home without medical care. It’s recommended those sick with flu stay home as long as possible — ideally at least 7 days,

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Flu season has arrived!

Influenza has arrived in our region and is considered to be widespread at this time.  This means that at least half of the regions in the state of VT and NY are reporting laboratory confirmed influenza (usually with a nasal swab). The current strains we are seeing locally include two strains of influenza A (H3N2

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