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Anxiety is normal, what you can do to cope

Anxiety is natural response to threats that are looming or beyond our control. Here are some strategies that may help you stay healthy and connected in the midst of this pandemic. Tips for coping with anxiety.

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Podcast: Suicide Attempts in Vermont

Northern New England Poison Center Vermont educator Gayle Finkelstein sits down with Dr. Thomas Delaney and Dr. Rebecca Bell to talk about trends in self-poisoning among Vermont youth.

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The Incredible Benefits of Gratitude

The holidays are often among the most joyous and dreaded times of year. We vacillate between savoring food and company versus binging on food and waiting for company to leave. Togetherness and loneliness, appreciating loved ones and missing those not present—if you find yourself seeking some balance amongst such extremes, cultivating gratitude may be worth

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Cyberchondria: Could you have it?

Carrying your anxieties about your health into your Internet search behavior may be a symptom that you’ve got the increasingly common ailment you won’t find diagnosed there: Cyberchondria.

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