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Just-In-Case Antibiotics: A Good Idea?

Sometimes they’re not just what the doctor ordered.

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Smiles by Mail

The benefit and risk of mail-order orthodontia.

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No Admission: Preventing Hospital Stays Before They Happen

UVM Medical Center is piloting an innovative unit in the emergency room to provide better care, sometimes at home.

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Men’s Health Cheat Sheet

Many men in their 30s and 40s haven’t had a checkup in years. Here’s a men’s health cheat sheet to help you get your health care back on schedule.

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Let’s Talk About Consent

It can be uncomfortable, but talking explicitly to our children and young adults about safe and unsafe touch is critical to empowering them and helping them understand that they are in control of their bodies.

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When Time Is of the Essence

For stroke patients in rural areas, new technology can save a life.

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Hey Man, These Small Changes Have a Big Impact on Your Health

Most health issues are largely preventable, but studies show many men don’t access health care regularly. In honor of Men’s Health Month, we asked an expert for simple advice for guys hoping to live a healthier lifestyle.

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Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Quitter?

Every year thousands of Americans make the decision to cut back on their smoking or – even better – quit smoking entirely. Today is the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout, when we celebrate the people who have put in the time, effort and shown the willpower that it takes to be a quitter. Between

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The Truth About Overactive Bladder

It’s Bladder Health Awareness Month, so we talked to Gillian Stearns, MD, urologist, about a topic we get a lot of questions about: overactive bladder. What is overactive bladder?  Overactive bladder (OAB) refers to a group of urinary symptoms associated with urgency and urinary frequency. We also associate OAB with incontinence without another explanation (such

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"The Phone Call That Changed Our Lives."

Providing education, advocacy and support of organ donation isn’t just part of my professional role, it’s part of my personal life as a wife, mom and daughter. My personal story Eleven years ago this month, just months after the birth of our first child, our family received the phone call that would not only change

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One Heart, Two Families: A Story of Organ Donation

For Donna and Mike Andre of Brushton, NY, numbers define the moments leading to their son Ben’s tragic death. It was March 17, 2015 –  St. Patrick’s Day, Mike’s birthday. Ben had gone to a friend’s house to wait for his girlfriend to get off work at 11. It was classic North Country March weather:

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The Greatest Gift — The Gift of Life

April is National “Donate Life” month, an opportunity to celebrate life-saving organ and tissue donors and the recipients whose lives they save. Most often, transplant surgery relies on altruistic generosity. For those waiting with end-stage organ failure, their lives and future are in the hands of strangers, and they wait, not knowing if they will

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Kidney Stone Symptoms & Causes: How to Prevent a Common Health Issue

Kidney stones occur in 1/11 people during a lifetime. The number of people forming stones has doubled in the past 15 years. A person who has had a kidney stone has a 50 percent chance of forming another stone over 5-10 years. The good news is that for many people, another kidney stone can be

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Remembering Those Who Gave the "Gift of Life"

It’s fitting that National Donor Day is February 14, a day we already associate with love. On this day, we raise awareness about organ donation and celebrate the lives of organ and tissue donors. Most people will eventually be affected by donation in their lives. They will either know someone who needs, or has received

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