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Winter Driving: Use Headlights to Stay Safe on Dark, Wintry Roads

Winter means that many of us are traveling to work at dawn and coming home at dusk. It’s important to use your headlights when driving around dawn or dusk or in other cases when visibility is poor — whatever the clock says. It makes a difference when it comes to car safety. But I can

Injury Prevention Car Safety

How to Prevent Burns During the Holidays

When you think of holiday burn prevention, a lot of it focuses on making sure candles aren’t left unsupervised and placed far away from flammable holiday decorations (looking at your poorly watered Christmas trees and fake autumn leaf displays). Today, I want to talk to you about preventing burns and scald burns in the kitchen

Injury Prevention Burns Safety Tips

How to Stay Warm on Halloween Night

We all know that children (and adults!) love Halloween. While we love to see the smile on children’s faces, we have to remember that October can be a chilly time. Before going out in your neighborhood, be smart and think ahead about the weather. Here are some tips on how to stay warm on Halloween

Children's Health Injury Prevention Child Safety Safety Tips

Getting Back to Exercising After Time Off

Warm weather and the long days of summer are behind us and you realize you didn’t quite get back into that exercise routine as you planned. First, know that you are not alone and that any time is a good time to get into a fitness routine. Keep a few key recommendations in mind and

Wellness Injury Prevention Fitness

How to Stay Safe During Hunting Season

There is a chill in the air and the leaves are changing color. That means it must be hunting season again! It doesn’t matter if your game of choice is deer, turkey, or black bear, we have some basic safety tips to help keep your hunting party safe! Be sure to dress in bright colors.

Injury Prevention Safety Tips

11 Tips to Avoid Shoulder Injuries

You’re mountain biking and side-slam a tree. You toss a football with friends and one decides to tackle you. You take a short fall while bouldering. Something pops. You can’t move your arm much. Yup, you just dislocated your shoulder. Shoulder dislocations commonly occur as the result of an injury where the arm is forced

Injury Prevention Sports Injury

Bats, Bites and Rabies

Bats are linked to human rabies cases. Forty-two of the 52 human cases of rabies in the U.S. between 1990 and 2016 were due to rabies from bats. While we see rabies in bats across the US, including Vermont, most bats do not have rabies. In Vermont, only 5 percent of bats have it. The

Injury Prevention

This Safe House: How to Design Your Kitchen for Safety

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home and is one of the more well-traveled rooms of the house. It is also where many falls can occur. When it comes to freshening up a kitchen, organizing can go a long way. Here are a few tips to help you through the

Injury Prevention

This Safe House: Improve Your Curb Appeal & Safety, Too

There are a lot of downsides to getting older. For one, you don’t bounce back as fast as you used to and injuries can drastically affect your mobility and even independence. With falls being the leading cause of non-fatal injuries in older adults, it is extremely important to take active steps to reduce your risk

Injury Prevention

Backpack Safety: How to Protect Your Child's Posture & Spine Health

September 18 is National Backpack Safety Awareness Day. Follow these tips on how to select the best backpack for your child.

Children's Health Injury Prevention Safety Tips

Contact Lens Care: 5 Tips All Contact Lens Wearers Should Follow

Most of us don’t think about the health of our eyes on a daily basis. However, if you’re a contact lens wearer, there are important things to know. Learn more from Jessica J. McNally, MD, from the University of Vermont Medical Center. Although contact lenses are a convenient and effective way to see more clearly,

Wellness Injury Prevention Vision Safety Tips

Blue-Green Algae: How to Stay Safe by the Water

Hot, dry and still conditions on Lake Champlain and other bodies of fresh water with high concentrations of phosphorous and nitrogen can spur blooms of toxic cyanobacteria, also called blue-green algae. We talked to Eike Blohm, MD, about the dangers and how to stay safe while enjoying the lake. Blohm is a physician in the

Injury Prevention

Swimming Away From Swimmer's Ear

Nothing takes the fun out of a day at the beach than when a child complains of an ear ache. Lewis First, MD lends everyone an ear and a few tips on something we call swimmer's ear.

Children's Health Injury Prevention First With Kids Water Safety

How to Build a Summer First Aid Kit

Summer brings fun, but it can also bring injuries if we are not careful or prepared. The most common summer injuries include cuts, ticks, poison ivy, sunburns, eye injuries, and broken bones. Fortunately, it’s simple to take preventive measures to stop these problems in their tracks. One great way to prepare is to create two

Injury Prevention

How to Prevent and Treat Snake Bites

Do you know how many species of snake live in Vermont? According to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, there are 11 species in the state. Almost all of these snakes are harmless. The only venomous snakes in Vermont are a handful of timber rattlesnakes living in small pockets in Rutland County. They are considered

Injury Prevention

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