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Mary’s Story: Pediatric Diabetes

My daughter, Victoria, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was four years old. We were overwhelmed, scared and in shock. From the moment we met nurse Becky in the emergency department, we have been connected to the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital.

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‘Big Tiny Love’ Album Raises Funds for NICU Renovation

Elodie's parents remember their time in the NICU with gratitude for the excellent care they received. “It’s not a place you’d want to end up, but it was also a beautiful experience. Watching all of these vulnerable parents and infants made me want to do something to help.”

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Providers Improving Care Conversations, Especially With Children

Innovative communication workshops enhance pediatric care and family experience to ensure patients and families feel seen and heard.

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Soaring Through a Fear of Flying

Parents have been flying up to me asking me what they can say to their children who have never been in a plane before to reduce their fear of flying.  Well, fasten your seat belts and let me provide some information on this topic. Fear of Flying Is Very Common Studies suggest that one out

Children's Health

First With Kids: Let it Snow – Safely!

 (sung to the tune of “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!) Oh tis’ that special seasonWhen I hope you’ll have good reasonTo decorate with safety in mindWhen it gets to be holiday time! Yes – it’s the holidays and what better gift can I share than a few reminders to make this

Children's Health

Charlotte’s Story: Patient- and Family-Centered Care

On my son's fifth day of life, after returning home we had a morning filled with snoozing and nursing and diaper changing and more nursing, until our lives changed forever. Read Charlotte's story.

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Far too Early, but Not a Moment too Soon

A patient and family story from Catrina McKnight, recounting an experience that took place eight years ago. As my eyes began to open slowly, I couldn’t fathom what had just occurred. My mind was blank for a moment while I tried to get my bearings and recall what was happening. My body didn’t feel the

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What Toys to Buy for Your Young Child

Last week, I unwrapped some safety tips regarding how to ensure the toys you buy your child for the holidays are safe ones—so this week, instead of talking unsafe toys,  I’m game for suggesting some appropriate toys to buy for your younger child—especially in an era where digital toys are becoming more and more prevalent.

Children's Health

First With Kids: Presenting the Best Toys to Buy for Your Young Child

With the holidays approaching, families have been shopping for some information in regard to buying safe toys for their children this year. Well, fortunately, I have a direct line to Santa who is the expert when it comes to safe toys, and he wanted me to share with you the following information: Read labels First,

Children's Health

4 Tips for Holiday Toy Safety

What is the first thing you think about when you go shopping for a gift? It can be for a birthday, a holiday, or another special event. Do you think about your budget? Do you try to remember their hobby or favorite color? For me, I always think about the safety of the gift. Especially

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First With Kids: Invite Gratitude to Thanksgiving This Year

With Thanksgiving here, parents have been grateful for any tips to help their children learn about gratitude and its importance. Thankfully, I can provide some information on the topic of gratitude. What is gratitude? Gratitude is about being thankful for the things we have. It is pausing to notice and appreciate things we may often

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Winter Coats & Car Seat Safety

Temperatures are falling and it’s time to start dressing for colder weather. You might be getting your child’s winter jacket from storage or purchasing something to keep a new baby warm. However, winter coats and snowsuits may be dangerous for children to wear in a car seat. Why could a winter coat be dangerous? In

Children's Health

Pinkeye: What Exactly Is It?

Parents have been asking me some eye-opening questions about whether or not their child could get pinkeye. Let me see what I can tell you about this problem. What is pinkeye, exactly? Pinkeye gets its name because it describes the pink or reddish appearance of what is normally the white part of the eye and

Children's Health

A Few Words About Childhood Obesity

There is a lot of discussion in medicine and in the media about childhood obesity and weight. Often, patients and parents ask me if all this concern is justified or worthwhile. When I was growing up, I remember being taught that people “grow out and then up.” As kids, we were all just waiting for

Children's Health

Unmasking Safety: 4 Tips for a Safe Halloween

It seems like only last year that I shared (or should I say scared) some Halloween safety tips with parents. While that can certainly be helpful, I thought this year I’d unmask a few safety tips aimed directly at children so that their Halloween is far from frightening when it comes to staying safe. So kids,

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