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Social Distancing…With Children

If you are feeling overwhelmed, or at a loss as to what you can do to keep your children occupied while practicing social distancing, Safe Kids Vermont is here to help with tips for free activities that will keep you safe, healthy and only require what you already have around your home. Get tips for free activities with your kids.

Children's Health COVID-19

Cancelled Birthday Party? No Graduation? Tips on Celebrating Missed Milestones during Covid-19 

It can be hard to deal with the emotional response when you cancel these events as they are often related to some of life’s most exciting milestones. We offer some of ideas and recommendations on how to celebrate these events without exposing yourself, or your loved ones, to infection. Get ideas for safely celebrating milestones.

Children's Health COVID-19

Handwashing Keeps Children Healthy

According to Dr. Lewis First, hand washing is the most important thing you can do to keep your children healthy. Get tips on the proper way to wash hands.

Children's Health COVID-19 First With Kids

Color Blindness

Parents have been asking me some colorful questions recently about color blindness. Well, let me see if I can share my views on this particular topic. Color blindness does not mean a person is blind. It is a deficiency in color vision that may range from a slight difficulty in telling different shades of color

Children's Health

Disciplining Children

Lewis First, MD provides advice to parents on the best practices for disciplining their young children and teaching them right from wrong.

Children's Health First With Kids Parenting

Playing Safely with a Dog

Believe it or not, there are over 4.5 million dog bites that occur each year. Lewis First, MD provides suggestions on how to take the bite out of a dog’s bark and enable a child to play safely with a dog.

Children's Health Injury Prevention First With Kids Child Safety

Taking Your Child to the Movies for the First Time

Lewis First, MD sheds some “lights, camera, and action” on how to determine when your toddler or preschooler is ready to go to the movies and how to prepare them in advance.

Children's Health First With Kids Parenting

Nosebleeds Are Nothing to Sneeze At

Nosebleeds are probably as common as the common cold, and can be exacerbated by winter's dry air. Lewis First, MD tells parents know everything they need to know about home care, prevention and when to seek care.

Children's Health First With Kids

Feet First and Down We Go: Tips for Safe Sledding

When most people think of sledding, they think of these hills covered in children bundled up in snow suits pulling sleds and tubes up the hill only to slide down it again. People also assume most injuries in sledding are minor and only impact children. But that’s not the case! No matter your age, there

Injury Prevention Children's Health Head Injury

Toothbrushing: Something to Smile About

Parents often ask me a mouthful of questions on how can they get their young children to brush their teeth on a daily basis.  Let me try to shed light or should I say shed some white on the topic of tooth brushing.   Why Brush in the First Place? It’s important for parents to remember

Children's Health

Toni’s Story: My Son’s Leukemia

Our son was diagnosed with leukemia two days before his fourth birthday. In an instant, our world revolved around learning about his disease, treatments, medicine and test results. This is Toni's story.

Children's Health Cancer Leukemia Patient Stories

5 Tips to Prevent Contact Burns

It can take less than one second for a contact burn to occur. Contact burns can be minor, but they can also result in serious injury. In 2018, approximately 70,000 people were cared for in emergency departments for burns. A third of those individuals were children under the age of 5. In honor of Burn

Injury Prevention Children's Health Safety Tips

The “Terrible Twos”

Parents have been anything but terrible in asking me what they can do to help their toddler through the “terrible twos”. Let me ease everyone’s frustration about this period in a child’s life and provide some information on this topic. It’s Terribly Normal The terrible twos is a normal phase of a toddler’s behavior that

Children's Health

Podcast: Suicide Attempts in Vermont

Northern New England Poison Center Vermont educator Gayle Finkelstein sits down with Dr. Thomas Delaney and Dr. Rebecca Bell to talk about trends in self-poisoning among Vermont youth.

Mental Health Children's Health Depression Suicide Prevention Podcasts

A Helpful Guide to Vomiting – When to Worry and What to do about it

Parents have been bringing up lots of questions about what to do when their child vomits. Let me toss out some helpful information on this topic. Why do we vomit? Vomiting is a way for the body to get rid of something it doesn’t like. It is a complex process coordinated by a vomiting center

Children's Health

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