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Flood Safety and Recovery Guidance

If you have experienced flooding, please review the following resources provided by national and local agencies.

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Go Jump in the Lake (But Do It Wisely)!

Tips from our expert, a former swim coach, for staying safe in water.

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To #coldplunge Or Not To #coldplunge

Ice-out is happening: Is immersing yourself in super cold water really good for you?

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Swimming Away From Swimmer's Ear

Nothing takes the fun out of a day at the beach than when a child complains of an ear ache. Lewis First, MD lends everyone an ear and a few tips on something we call swimmer's ear.

Children's Health Injury Prevention First With Kids Water Safety

Summer Safety: The Dangers of Cliff Jumping and Swimming Holes

Summer is a great time in Vermont for enjoying the outdoors. We are lucky to have so many beautiful areas to explore and enjoy. Most of the time, things go just fine, but reviewing some basic safety precautions will help keep people safe. Swimming holes I love swimming, especially during these hot summer days. Swimming

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