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8 Tips for Skiing and Riding Safely

A helpful Q&A with one of our sports medicine surgeons.

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Should I Go To the Emergency Department?

When you’re not feeling well, sometimes it’s difficult to decide where you should go to seek care. The Emergency Department? Urgent Care? Your primary care provider? There are a lot of options, so here’s our advice.

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What Is the Point of Yoga?

Sidelined by a foot injury, I began a low-impact yoga challenge with one question in mind: Is yoga a good cardiovascular workout?

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11 Tips to Avoid Shoulder Injuries

You’re mountain biking and side-slam a tree. You toss a football with friends and one decides to tackle you. You take a short fall while bouldering. Something pops. You can’t move your arm much. Yup, you just dislocated your shoulder. Shoulder dislocations commonly occur as the result of an injury where the arm is forced

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Good Things Come to Those Who Bait Safe

Fishing season is upon us! Many of you may plan to get out this summer and enjoy the pastime. For those who share a love of the sport, here are tips to keep the season memorable for all the right reasons. Using Tackle Tackle and hooks are very sharp. Always keep them out of the

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The Injury That Affects 3.8 Million Athletes Annually

Are you ready for a fun-filled and safe winter season!? The UVM Medical Center’s Rehab Therapy Center wants to ensure you know everything you need to in order to stay healthy. Concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a hot topic today — and for good reason. Sports-related concussions impact about 3.8 million athletes each

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