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Melatonin Madness

Our sleep expert on the risks and rewards of the popular sleep aid.

Wellness Sleep Disorders

One Secret to a Healthy Heart? Sleep.

One of the most dangerous, longer-term health impacts of poor sleep: an increased risk of heart attacks and heart failure.

Heart Health Heart Attack Sleep Disorders

10 Tips to Stop Tossing and Turning

Sleep is critical to our overall health, but many of us get much less than we actually need.

Wellness Sleep Disorders

COVID-19 Disrupted Everything, Including Sleep

Have you developed insomnia during the pandemic? You are not alone. Here is some expert guidance to help you take control and rest easy.

Mental Health COVID-19 Sleep Disorders

Trouble Sleeping During COVID-19? Advice From an Expert

When talk of the coronavirus first started, my 8-year-old daughter was coming downstairs 20 minutes after we had put her to bed, which was unusual for her. At first, she couldn’t explain why she was having trouble sleeping, but as COVID-19 quickly became an inescapable part of our lives, we knew this must be the cause. Read five tips to get your best night’s sleep every night.

COVID-19 Sleep Disorders

Daylight Saving Time: Tips to Help Your Body Adjust

On Sunday, November 4, most Americans will set their clocks back an hour at 2:00 a.m for Daylight Saving Time. Before you get too excited about gaining an hour of sleep, setting back your clocks an hour back, only means that it will get darker earlier in the evening. What is Daylight Saving Time? DST

Wellness Sleep Disorders

Safe Sleep: How to Keep Infants Safe

Join us for the FREE class It’s a Baby! An Introduction to Delivery and Early Postpartum, on November 4, 2019, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Register today! One of the most trying times of parenthood is right at the beginning. As postpartum nurses, we have about 24-36 hours between admission to when we say

Children's Health Sleep Disorders

Want to Improve Your Exercise Performance? Sleep More.

This blog is written to support those training for the Vermont City Marathon.  With all the daily demands we encounter, finding time to exercise is challenging. Many people stay up late, or get up early to exercise. As you enter your last block of training for the Vermont City Marathon, maybe you fit this profile.

Wellness Sleep Disorders

Six Tips for Better Sleep

Poor sleep can lead to poor work performance including difficulty concentrating, decreased productivity, more mistakes and increased chance of accidents, injuries and even death. We will show you how to take steps to alleviate the impact that poor quality sleep can have on you. Watch the video below or read the transcript that follows. Watch

Wellness Sleep Disorders

Take Steps to Recharge With Sleep, Despite the Pressures of Modern Life

The regular recharging that our bodies and minds get from a good night’s sleep is essential to our health and our ability to function at our best. Yet, the fact is that modern life with its fast-paced nature, sedentary and indoor jobs, and 24-hour news cycle can make it hard to make room for sleep.

Wellness Sleep Disorders

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