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Don’t Look Away: How to Recognize Child Abuse

At a time when the stresses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic could be making a bad problem even worse, James Metz, MD, answers questions about child abuse prevention and the community’s role in keeping kids safe.

Children's Health Child Abuse

Parent Stress During the Pandemic

Dealing with COVID-19 on an ongoing basis can be stressful and a high-stress environment has been associated with an increased risk of domestic violence and child abuse. Here are some tips to make your home as stress-free as possible for you and your children.

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Detecting the Signs of Child Abuse

April is national Child Abuse Prevention Month. Lewis First, MD takes this opportunity to share information on the signs of child abuse and what your role is in reporting suspected child abuse.

Children's Health First With Kids Child Abuse Parenting

Child Abuse: Making an Invisible Problem Visible

Child abuse and neglect in Vermont increased 60% since 2012. Pediatrician James Metz, MD talks about the causes, risk factors and signs of child abuse and what to do if you suspect child abuses is happening.

Children's Health Child Abuse

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