How I Learned to Love Swimming as an Adult


In my adult years, I almost gave up on exercise but then I tried this….

A lot of change happened in my 30s. I started drinking seltzer water, feeling sore more after exercise, the soreness lasted longer, and my exercise and physical activity routines changed dramatically.

For years growing up and now, I’ve always played sports. It was a great way to be physically and socially active. However, you needed others to show up and it was becoming harder to get people to play. I began to realize I couldn’t rely on others anymore. I needed to find an alternative.

I found the sport of swimming.

It was a great addition for me (later becoming a priority over other forms of activity) and the aspect of learning how to swim efficiently (trying to stay calm, breathe, and not drown) was the most fun!

Swimming translated into a lot more than just good exercise. It helped me enjoy running more because I had built up the endurance from swimming without the impact that running on pavement brought on.

For many in their adult years, they too often give up on exercise because of falling out of sports or other barriers – time, fear of injury, boredom, the list goes on.  HOWEVER, swimming is something that seems to breaks all algorithms, excuses, barriers, whatever you’ve got!

Yes, the activity many used to do as a child probably EVERY SINGLE DAY could certainly be the best form of exercise…and here is why even Harvard Health says swimming is…the…best…exercise ever! Also, according to a 2017 study by Swim England, swimmers have a 28% lower risk of early death and a 41% lower risk of stroke or heart disease.

Swimming also checks off a few boxes!

  • It’s a full body workout!
  • It is low impact!
  • It’s great for your lungs!
  • You don’t need a team of people!

For more information about swimming and getting started, visit your local aquatic center.

Corey Cenate is an Employee Wellness Health Coach at the University of Vermont Medical Center.

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