Good Things Come to Those Who Bait Safe

fishing safety

Fishing season is upon us!

Many of you may plan to get out this summer and enjoy the pastime. For those who share a love of the sport, here are tips to keep the season memorable for all the right reasons.

Using Tackle

  • Tackle and hooks are very sharp. Always keep them out of the reach of young children.
  • Never leave tackle or hooks lying around. They are very sharp and would be painful to step on.
  • Always remove the hook from the fish in a safe manner. Removing the hook from fish should be an adult’s responsibility.
  • One way to prevent or reduce risk is to use barbless hooks. This way, if a hook gets caught on something unintentionally, the hook will be easier to remove.

Fishing Rods

  • When casting your rod, ensure that nothing and no one is behind you! Catching someone or something on your rod or hook can be dangerous.
  • Adults should be carrying the rods to the destination. Because fishing rods can be long, children can accidentally trip or hit someone else while carrying them.

Water Safety

  • Whether you are by the water or in a boat in the water, there should always be the allotted number of life vests for the individuals participating.
  • Sunglasses help with glare and can protect the eyes from flying hooks.
  • Sunscreen is important with any outdoor activity, but with the sun reflecting off the water, don’t forget to reapply as directed.
  • Before leaving the dock, know how to properly use all the safety equipment in the boat.

In the event that an incident does occur,  stay calm, assess the situation and proceed accordingly. Be aware of your surroundings and take caution where caution is due.

Good things come to those who bait — and who stay safe while still having fun. Happy fishing!

Lauren Bergen is an intern with the Injury Prevention Program at the UVM Medical Center. 

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