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Program Faculty

Headshot of Julie Macdougall, PharmD, PGY1 pharmacy residency (ambulatory) faculty.

Residency Program Director
Julie MacDougall, PharmD, MBA, BCPS
Email: julie.macdougall [at] uvmhealth.org


Headshot of Jacob Barker, PharmD the Pharmacy residency coordinator.

Residency Program Coordinator 
Jacob Barker, PharmD
Email: jacob.barker [at] uvmhealth.org

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the PGY-1 pharmacy residency program is to build upon the Doctor of Pharmacy education and contribute to the development of clinical pharmacists responsible for the pharmaceutical care of patients with a wide range of conditions. The program will also build upon the skills necessary for clinical pharmacists to become eligible for board certification and/or postgraduate year two (PGY-2) pharmacy residency training. 

Program Overview

Core monthly rotations*

  • Pharmacy Practice (Orientation)
  • Primary Care
  • Administration
  • Hematology/Oncology
  • Inpatient Family Medicine/Internal Medicine
  • Research
  • Endocrinology
  • Inflammatory (Resident will choose either Dermatology, Gastroenterology, or Rheumatology)
  • Hepatitis C

Elective monthly rotations* (Residents will choose 3)  

  • Pulmonary/CF
  • HIV/ID
  • Neurology
  • Home Infusion
  • Transitions of Care
  • Residents may repeat any core rotation

*All rotations are subject to preceptor availability   

Required longitudinal rotations

  • Drug Information
  • Long-term Clinical Follow up
  • Outpatient Pharmacy Practice (Staffing Coverage)
    • Residents will provide staffing coverage in our Medications to Bedside and Specialty Pharmacy Programs every third weekend, including the Friday prior to the weekend worked.
  • On-Call
    • Residents will be on-call for our Specialty Pharmacy the week leading up to and including the weekend they are providing Staffing Coverage.
  • Research Project
    • The resident will work with the residency program research coordinator and other members of the pharmacy department and hospital as required and learn the fundamentals of research design and methodology.
    • The resident is expected to present the project at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and Eastern States Residency Conference.

Other Required Projects/Experiences

  • Residents will also complete the following projects or experiences throughout the residency year:
  • Medication utilization evaluation (MUE)
    • Medication monograph review for the Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee
    • Article for P&T newsletter or other identified newsletter outlet
    • Pharmacy Grand Rounds or other CE presentation

Teaching and Learning Program

Pharmacy Residents will be provided with an elective opportunity to participate in aTeaching and Learning certificate Program.

Benefits and Compensation

  • Salary: $48,880  
  • Total Combined-time-off (CTO) earned: 31 days  
    • However, it is the philosophy of the program that cumulative absence will detrimentally affect the learning experience of the residents and will impair their ability to meet program goals. As a result, residents are permitted to take 15 days of CTO for holiday, illness, and family emergencies. The remaining CTO will be paid to the resident at the completion of the program.  
  • Conference, Travel, and Meal Reimbursement 
  • ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting, Vizient Consortium Pharmacy Network Meeting, and Eastern States Residency Program 
  • Health Insurance 
  • Dental Insurance  
  • Vision Insurance  
  • Disability Insurance  
  • Flexible Spending Account  
  • 403(b) Retirement Plan  
  • Employee Discount Program 

Learn more about the benefits for residents at the UVM Medical Center. 

How to Apply

The University of Vermont Medical Center participates in the Pharmacy Online Residency Centralized Application Service (PhORCAS). 

The following candidate application materials must be uploaded into PhORCAS by January 2

  1. Letter of intent (cover letter)  
  2. Curriculum vitae  
  3. Three (3) PhORCAS Reference Forms. Supplemental uploads are not required. 
  4. Official college transcript 

To ensure full consideration of your application, we highly recommend that you upload your application into PhORCAS well in advance of the deadline. 

Each applicant must be eligible for licensure in the State of Vermont. All residency applicants should be familiar with the requirements for pharmacist licensure which can be found in the following location at Vermont Secretary of State Statute and Rules.