Pharmacy Residents

Headshot of Sidra Iqbal, PharmD a pharmacy resident at the UVM Medical Center.

Sidra Iqbal 

E-mail: Sidra [dot] Iqbalatuvmhealth [dot] org 
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY 
School of Pharmacy: University of Connecticut  
Professional Interests: Oncology, Internal Medicine, Ambulatory Care 

What attracted you to UVM Medical Center: During mid-year and various open house events I found the conversations with the RPD, residents and preceptors to be supportive and engaging. The residency program at UVM offers a robust and flexible learning experience tailored to each resident’s career goals. In addition to the variety of elective rotations, there are a number of longitudinal learning opportunities to enhance the residency experience. The UVM Medical Center is a teaching hospital with a focus on encouraging curiosity and a questioning attitude. The Medical Center is part of a larger health network which ensures residents are given the necessary exposure to optimize their training.  

What do you love most about VT: The people here have been really kind and welcoming. I have yet to explore Vermont but it seems like my list grows longer each week. Vermont offers the most beautiful places to explore, from a variety of hiking trails to catching the sunset at the beach. Lake Champlain alone offers so many different views and activities. I came across so many interesting finds during a stroll through downtown Burlington. I’m looking forward to experiencing what Vermont has to offer.  

What do you enjoy doing in your free time: I love exploring new places and meeting new people. When the weather is nice, there’s no place I’d rather be than by the water. When all plans fall through, I enjoy reading a good book and spending time with family.  

Headshot of Sidra Khan, PharmD a pharmacy resident at the UVM Medical Center.

Sidra Khan 

E-mail: sidra [dot] khanatuvmhealth [dot] org 
Hometown: Vernon, CT 
School of Pharmacy: University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy 
Professional Interests: Cardiology and Internal Medicine 

What attracted you to UVM Medical Center: I loved the welcoming and supportive atmosphere at UVMMC and the importance of work/life balance! As a large academic medical center, the program was appealing as it emphasized a multidisciplinary team approach that would contribute in my development of becoming a well-rounded and skilled clinician. With my interests in pursuing various learning experiences aligning with the diverse residency program offered at UVMMC, I knew it would cultivate my ongoing interests and enhance my professional growth.  I also appreciate the balance of progressive autonomy and valuable oversight that is provided to the pharmacy residents from dedicated preceptors, many of whom hold academic positions.  

What do you love most about VT: I love walking along the bike path, eating at one of the great food places around town, or watching the sunset on the beaches, all while seeing the beautiful views of the lake and mountains in the distance. 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time: I love exploring the outdoors, trying new restaurants, and painting!  

Headshot of Andrew Rosenblum, PharmD a pharmacy resident at the UVM Medical Center.

Andrew Rosenblum

E-mail:  Andrew [dot] rosenblumatUVMHealth [dot] org 
Hometown:  Tampa, FL 
School of Pharmacy:  University of South Florida College of Pharmacy 
Professional Interests:  Critical Care, Emergency Medicine 

What attracted you to UVM Medical Center: Definitely the personalities of all the preceptors and pharmacists I interviewed with. I was looking for a public, academic teaching hospital, and the UVM Medical Center was the perfect fit. Another thing that attracted me to the UVM Medical Center was the beautiful location and variety of activities to do outside of residency, all while getting to practice at a Level I Trauma Center. Lastly, the preceptors at the UVM Medical Center are supportive, passionate, and invested in advancing the professional growth of the residents. From the dedicated preceptors, the wide variety of rotations, and the location of the hospital, the UVM Medical Center was the perfect fit for me. 

What do you love most about VT: As someone from Florida, I can't get enough of hiking in the beautiful Green Mountains. Other than hiking, there is so much to do. Burlington has tons of live music, breweries, and events always going on downtown. Lake Champlain is absolutely beautiful and has miles of bike paths along the waterfront. In Vermont, it seems like there is a never-ending list of new bars and restaurants I want to try. 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time: Exploring downtown, hiking, playing hockey, and reading 

Headshot of Binny Singh, PharmD a pharmacy resident at the UVM Medical Center.

Binny Singh

E-mail: Bhupinderjit [dot] singhatuvmhealth [dot] org
Hometown:  Queens, New York
School of Pharmacy:  Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Professional Interests: Ambulatory Care, Cardiology, Critical Care

What attracted you to UVM Medical Center: As a P4 student I had the privilege of completing a few APPE rotations at the UVMMC. These experiences provided me the opportunity to work closely with inpatient pharmacist and pharmacy residents, and allowed me to witness firsthand the strong sense of community within the department. It was evident from my time as a student that pharmacy is a valuable asset of the medical team with strong relationships with providers. In addition, I was attracted to the variety of different rotational experiences and flexibility in scheduling within the residency program.

What do you love most about VT: The views! Vermont is a beautiful state full of adventure and unique opportunities to explore its beauty. From enjoying a famous Lake Champlain sunset to hiking Mount Mansfield, there is an outdoor activity for everyone. The city of Burlington also provides a great mix of restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops to visit with friends and family.  

What do you enjoy doing in your free time: Traveling, trying new restaurants, playing/watching sports, and spending time with friends and family.