Pharmacy Residents

Bear Berenback, Internal Medicine Resident, GME

Bear Berenback

E-mail: Bear [dot] BerenbackatUVMHealth [dot] org
Hometown: Jericho, VT
School of Pharmacy: Albany College of Pharmacy – Vermont Campus
Professional Interests: Emergency Medicine and Critical Care

What attracted you to UVM Medical Center: I was attracted to UVM due to the dedicated and incredibly supportive pharmacy team. After completing APPE rotations at the UVM Medical Center during pharmacy school, I was able to see firsthand how much preceptors here care about creating the best possible learning experience for students and residents. They truly care about developing quality pharmacists and ensure you’re on track to meet your professional goals. I also wanted to be in an academic medical center where students, residents and practitioners of all professions work and learn side by side to improve patient outcomes.

What do you love most about VT: I love the great outdoors! I need to live in a place with easy access to outdoor activities and the Burlington, VT area is exactly that. Not only are the mountains under an hour away, but Burlington itself offers very laid back vibes with great dining and waterfront recreation opportunities. Need a bit more big-city culture? Montreal, Canada is under 2 hours away!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time: Swimming in Lake Champlain, checking out waterfalls, hiking locally, biking downtown, playing pickup soccer/spike ball and skiing. 


Melissa Dang, Internal Medicine Resident, GME

Melissa Dang

Email: Melissa [dot] DangatUVMHealth [dot] org
Hometown: Bear, Delaware
School of Pharmacy: Philadelphia College or Pharmacy  
Professional Interests: Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, and Teaching 

What attracted you to UVM Medical Center: UVM offers such a variety of opportunities and electives that I would not otherwise have the chance to experience. I liked that I could tailor my rotations to my own interests while also having the opportunity to explore other specialties that will make me a more well-rounded pharmacist.   The RPD, preceptors, and pharmacy staff are also all so welcoming and I knew that with their support and guidance, I would be able to further develop my skills as a clinical pharmacist.

What do you love most about VT: I like that there is so much to do, it is almost so overwhelming because I want to do all of it! There are tons of great local restaurants to try. Everyone here is so welcoming and there are so many things to do outdoors, I love being able to explore all the trails and swimming holes nearby.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time: In my free time I enjoy eating, listening to music, and staying active!


Julia Swechheimer, Internal Medicine Resident, GME

Julia Schwechheimer

Email: Julia [dot] SchwechheimeratUVMHealth [dot] org
Hometown: Hampton, NH
School of Pharmacy: University of Rhode island 
Professional Interests: Critical Care, Oncology, Ambulatory Care 

What attracted you to UVM Medical Center: I was originally attracted to UVM because of their high level of acuity and being a Level I Trauma Center. UVM offers a wide array of elective opportunities, including many in ambulatory care and a teaching program to aid in becoming a well-rounded pharmacist. In addition, I loved the natural beauty and serenity Burlington offered with the lake and mountains in the distance. After meeting the previous residents at midyear and throughout my interview process, I knew UVM was the perfect fit for me.

What do you love most about VT: I love the array of outdoor activities available season to season in Vermont, especially hiking and skiing. I’m from a beach community, so I needed a residency near water. Between Lake Champlain and the mountains, Burlington is the perfect location to relax and recharge all weekend long.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time: Hiking, skiing, listening to live music, enjoying new restaurants and breweries, and lounging on the beach.


Lejla Zukovic , Internal Medicine Resident, GME

Lejla Zukovic 

Email: Lejla [dot] ZukovicatUVMHealth [dot] org
Hometown: Seymour, CT
School of Pharmacy: University of Connecticut 
Professional Interests: Ambulatory Care and Teaching 

What attracted you to UVM Medical Center: I was initially attracted to UVM Medical Center because of the variety of rotations offered for both inpatient and outpatient experiences. Additionally, I knew the opportunity to participate in the teaching and learning certificate and the emergency medical response longitudinal would help develop me into the well-rounded healthcare professional I hope to be. To add to the diverse experience you can get at UVM, the preceptors and staff are all extremely welcoming and supportive which was evident from my first conversion with them. I knew that UVM would foster my growth and independence as a resident and this was where I wanted to start my career as a pharmacist.

What do you love most about VT: I love that there is always something to do, whether it’s trying new food, going for a hike, or just sitting by the lake and taking in the beautiful scenery Vermont has to offer.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time: I enjoy hiking, trying new restaurants, and listening to live music.