Our Residents

Headshot of Kaela Bergeron, 2023-24 PGY1 pharmacy resident  Kaela Bergeron

Email: Kaela [dot] Bergeronatuvmhealth [dot] org 
Hometown: Scituate, RI
School of Pharmacy:  University of Rhode Island
Professional Interests:  Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Toxicology, Psychology, Neurology 

What attracted you to UVM Medical Center: UVM Medical Center is the perfect place to explore many different areas of pharmacy in a learning centered environment. From day one preceptors encourage you to ask questions and take an active role in your learning interests. During the interview process I was able to be myself and that still holds true. The work environment is positive, encouraging, and open to new ideas.  

What do you love most about VT: Vermont has so many maple flavored items and it’s become a goal of mine to taste test all of them! There is so much to do here from trying new cafes and restaurants to hiking trails and waterfalls. Something fun is always happening in Winooski or Burlington making it easy to find something to do!  

What do you enjoy doing in your free time: Trying new cafes and restaurants, cooking, and exploring Burlington with my co-residents! I enjoy curling up with a good book, watching Boston sports, and enjoying nature through hiking or kayaking. During the winter I look forward to tubing, snowball fights, and building snowmen with my co-residents.

Headshot of Lilia Brooks, 2023-24 PGY1 pharmacy resident  Lilia Brooks

Email:  Lilia [dot] Brooksatuvmhealth [dot] org 
Hometown:  Lyman, ME
School of Pharmacy:  University of New England 
Professional Interests:  Infectious Disease

What attracted you to UVM Medical Center: What initially attracted me to UVMMC were the experiences shared with me by others who had completed the PGY1 residency program. After speaking with current residents and some preceptors at the ASHP Midyear Regional Meeting, I realized that UVMMC encompassed everything I was looking for in a residency program. I was drawn to the supportive culture of learning; the dedication of the preceptors to residents; and the work-life balance provided by the residency program.  

What do you love most about VT: I love how beautiful the state is. There are so many trails to hike, mountains to ski, and views to see. As an avid hiker and novice tr​ail runner, I appreciate the accessibility to the mountains and I especially love the incredible views from the peaks. I recently fell in love with the Lake Champlain Causeway from Colchester to South Hero. I think what I love most about Vermont is getting to explore all of its hidden gems. 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time: I enjoy just about anything that involves being outside, especially hiking, running, and skiing. I also enjoy spending time with friends, cooking, baking, and searching for the best creemee around.

Headshot of Rebekah Guay, 2023-24 PGY1 pharmacy resident  Rebekah Guay

Email:  Rebekah [dot] Guayatuvmhealth [dot] org 
Hometown:  Biddeford, ME
School of Pharmacy:  University of New England
Professional Interests:  Emergency Medicine, Critical Care

What attracted you to UVM Medical Center: I could tell from my first interaction with the residents that the people and culture at UVMMC would provide a supportive learning environment. UVMMC not only offers well rounded rotation opportunities in many of my interest areas but there are also many fantastic preceptors that truly want you to be successful. 

What do you love most about VT: I love the sense of community Vermont offers and the various opportunities to spend time outdoors during all seasons. Vermont has endless bike paths, trails, and mountains to explore. I enjoy trying new foods and Burlington has plenty of restaurants to do just this. I am excited to continue to explore all that Burlington has to offer!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time: I enjoy practically any outdoor activity! I spend most of my free time snowboarding, hiking, surfing, baking, or spending time with family and friends. 

Headshot of Kelly McBride, 2023-24 PGY1 pharmacy resident  Kelly McBride

Email: Kelly [dot] McBrideatuvmhealth [dot] org
Hometown:  Middletown, NJ
School of Pharmacy:  Northeastern University
Professional Interests:  Emergency Medicine, Critical Care

What attracted you to UVM Medical Center: The exceptional staff at UVMMC drew me to this residency program. I wanted a residency program that would help me successfully transition from a pharmacy student to a pharmacist, and I feel UVMMC is the perfect fit for me. I always feel supported by my program director, preceptors, and co-residents while also being challenged to grow as a new pharmacist.

What do you love most about VT: Everything! Outdoor activities, food, walking around Church St. Marketplace  

What do you enjoy doing in your free time: Exploring Burlington with co-residents, cooking, reading, game nights