Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many PGY1 positions does the University of Vermont Medical Center have?
A: We currently offer 4 PGY1 positions.

Q: When does the residency year start?
A: The 2024-2025 residency year begins on June 24th, 2024.

Q: Do you require Vermont licensure?
A: Vermont licensure is required by August 15th but strongly encouraged to be obtained prior to starting the residency year. 

Q: Do you have an electronic health record?
A: The University of Vermont Medical Center utilizes EPIC® and has been fully integrated since 2009. The pharmacy department also utilizes carousel and automated dispensing cabinet technology, as well as computer technology for preparing and verification of intravenous medications. Barcoding and smart pump technology are also used to enhance patient safety.

Q: What is the staffing component?
A:  Residents provide clinical staffing coverage for the day-shift, every third weekend, including the Friday prior to the weekend worked. Residents will rotate through the Medicine and Cardiology satellites through their clinical staffing, gaining a wide range of experiences throughout. Residents will also spend some time staffing the Central Pharmacy. Residents will not be pulled from their monthly clinical experiences to provide staffing for call out coverage.

Q: Is there an on-call component?
A: Residents do not participate in an on-call service.

Q: Do residents have a dedicated workspace?
A: Residents have their own office and dedicated workspace computers.

Q: Do residents get onsite parking?
A: Residents have onsite parking in a dedicated garage.

Q: What conferences do residents attend?
A: Residents will attend the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and the Eastern States Residency Conference. Travel and meal expenses will be covered for these conferences as well.

Q: Does UVM Medical Center have any PGY2 programs?
A: Currently, UVM Medical Center has PGY2 programs in Critical Care and Emergency Medicine.