Current Resident

Headshot of Lew Jason, Pharm.D., a resident at the UVM Medical Center.

Jason Lew, Pharm.D.

E-mail:  Jason [dot] Lewatuvmhealth [dot] org

Hometown:  Brooklyn, NY

School of Pharmacy:  University of Saint Joseph School of Pharmacy

Professional Interests:  Emergency Medicine, Resuscitation, Trauma, and Toxicology

What attracted you to UVM Medical Center: I chose UVM Medical Center because the PGY2 emergency medicine (EM) program stood out. I found the numerous opportunities afforded to residents at a level I trauma center, primary stroke center, and cardiac catheterization center. The EM residency also including a diversity of learning experiences with the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of emergency medical care by offering a rural emergency medicine rotation at Central Vermont Medical Center. Probably the most important reason is the preceptors at UVM are supportive, passionate in emergency medicine, and invested in advancing the professional growth of the resident.

What do you love most about VT:  What I love most about Vermont is that it offers a mecca of outdoor activities. The mountains offers hiking, chasing waterfalls, and biking during the spring and fall. During winter, skiing/snowboarding becomes available. Lake Champlain is also easily accessible for water activates during the summer. So, for me there is always something to do in Vermont with each of the seasons. Not only has breathtakingly picturesque landscapes there is a real sense of community at the medical center and in Burlington.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time: During my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends, traveling, craft breweries, hiking, and trying new restaurants.