Educational Activities - Pediatric Residency

We are fortunate to have incredibly talented and dedicated faculty in our department, many of whom are nationally recognized for their educational expertise.  Although nothing can replace the importance of clinical experience, we feel that sound bites of well-prepared didactics and team-based learning experiences have their place in potentiating education and training. We therefore place a significant emphasis on formal educational opportunities as listed below.

Pediatric Professor Rounds

Professor Rounds consist of an interactive case presentation, followed by a brief didactic session. These are presented by the chief resident, residents, or senior medical students and are attended by house staff, medical students, and faculty. Audience participation is encouraged. Mondays and Fridays. 

Pediatric Resident Educational Conference Series

This is a comprehensive lecture series designed as a rotating curriculum – with sessions led by a wide variety of faculty, including local community pediatricians and pediatric surgical subspecialists, to provide residents with a wide-ranging education around pediatric topics. Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Pediatric Board Review

This educational series covers the content specifications as outlined by the American Board of Pediatrics in a 2-year rotating curriculum. It is an interactive presentation format with an emphasis on practice questions. Monthly sessions.

Pediatric Primary Care Curriculum

These conferences take place in resident continuity clinics, attended by each continuity clinic preceptor and resident team. Topics are drawn from a three-year rotating curriculum covering the many aspects of pediatric primary care. Weekly prior to continuity clinic.

Pediatric Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds includes a variety of topics presented by our own faculty as well as by many visiting speakers drawn from the national and international pediatric community. They are attended by medical students, house staff, faculty, and many other members of our pediatric community. Wednesdays. 

Evidence Based Medicine Journal Club

With guidance from faculty members, residents present and discuss current articles from the literature, focusing on study design and statistical methods, and an emphasis on studying and adopting evidence-based medicine. Seven morning sessions per year. 

Pediatric Radiology Conference

Monthly multidisciplinary conference attended by members of the departments of pediatrics, surgery, urology, and radiology. Interesting pediatric cases are reviewed by our pediatric radiologists.

Perinatology Conference

Attended by NICU team, High-Risk Obstetrics team, and Pediatric Pathologist, this conference features Obstetric and NICU presentations of recent deliveries with focus on pathophysiology. Mondays. Residents are welcome to attend fellowship didactics as well.

Pediatric Mock Codes

These sessions are prepared and led by attendings within the divisions of Neonatology and Pediatric Intensive Care. They take place in our Simulation Center which features video recording and moderated debrief. Twice monthly.

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