Kramer Wahlberg

Kramer Wahlberg, Former Chief Resident (2019-2020)
UVM offers the unique blend of a tertiary academic medical center with a ‘community' feel located in a fantastic town like Burlington, which offers a high quality of life and unparalleled access to the outdoors, mountains, good food and so on. As someone who is interested in research and academic medicine, I have been provided with a tremendous amount of support in connecting with faculty mentors and research endeavors.


Gary Gilmond

Gary Gilmond, Recent Graduate (2019)
As a former UVM Medical Student, I knew that I wanted to stay at UVM for residency because I witnessed firsthand the culture of collegiality and teamwork fostered by the residents. UVM is place where residents share a collaborative desire to learn and truly make the most out of their residency experience together.


Kenyon Bolton

Kenyon Bolton, PGY-3 (and former UVM Medical Student)
I was a UVM medical student, and my rotation in UVMMC's internal medicine program convinced me to both specialize in Internal Medicine and stay here. I observed a collegiality among residents that resonated with me, as well as a genuine and enthusiastic commitment to teaching by every attending I encountered as a student- and now intern.


Beth Wahlberg

Beth Wahlberg, Form Chief Resident (2019-2020)
I was initially attracted to UVM because of its nationally recognized primary care track. I have been thoroughly pleased with the support and guidance I have received in this program as it has allowed me to focus on my individual interests within the broader scope of primary care. The other aspect of this program that I am so grateful for is the support that they give their residents when life outside of residency doesn't go as smoothly as one would hope.


Emily Strout

Emily Strout, Recent Graduate (2019)
UVMMC is the best of both worlds because it has the feel of a community hospital because everyone is on a first name basis, but at the same time it is a large academic teaching hospital. The food is also pretty good for hospital food. I love the camaraderie within the program and the program leadership feel like good family friends who always have your back. Vermont is beautiful. There is great cheese, beer and food, and the outdoor activities are endless.


Elena Kozakewich

Elena Kozakewich, MD, Recent Graduate (2019) and current UVM Pulmonary & Critical Care Fellow
“Everybody I met was happy and kind. They had a quiet confidence about them. It seemed like everyone was happy to be here and happy to work here. The program leadership embodies a very strong passion for resident education and it is a huge focus of the hospital. We are not just a workforce for the hospital, it is a huge focus of the institution, our education is their priority.”


Jaqueline O'Toole

Jaqueline O'Toole, DO, Former Chief Resident (2016-2017) 
“We have a lot of research here and are a tertiary care center with a lot of outside referrals. We do not have to live in a big city to get that medical exposure.”


Sara Gillett
Sara Gillett, MD, PhD, Recent Graduate (2018) and current UVM Hematology/Oncology Fellow

"The community here is just supportive and intelligent. It is a place where I felt I could continue to learn medicine really well and develop as a person."


Tara Scribner-Metcalf

Tara Scribner, MD, Former Chief Resident (2016-2017)
"The teaching is excellent here and the program is excellent. We have a lot of big names and you would never know that because you run into these physicians in the hallway and talk to them about their weekends and kids."

Trace Barrett

Trace Barrett, MD, Recent Graduate (2017) and Current UVM Cardiology Fellow 
"I really like the program leadership's open door policy in response to any concerns we have and making the program better."


Vishal Shah
Vishal Shah, MD, Recent Graduate (2018) 
"One of the big draws of this program that made me want to stay is the relationships I built here. It is these relationships that are welcoming and collegial and it makes for an environment where you just want to be."


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