2021-2022 Special Circumstances: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our institution has elected to hold virtual interviews for all residency programs for the 2021-2022 interview season. Our interview day has been thoughtfully designed to provide applicants with a sense of life in Vermont, and who we are as a program.

Residents will host a virtual meet-and-greet event the evening prior to your interview, to welcome you and acclimate you to our program. This is an optional, casual event; you are encouraged to attend if your schedule permits.

The University of Vermont Family Medicine Residency Program conducts a half-day interviews on Mondays and Wednesdays. The finalized interview day schedule will be shared with applicants ahead of the interview day. All applicants will interview with two faculty members and one resident. A sample interview schedule is shown here:

10AM – 10:30AM – Virtual Tour of the Hospital/ Local Area

10:30AM – 11AM – Introduction to the Program with Program Director Anne Morris, MD

11AM – 11:20AM – Interview 1

11:25AM – 11:45AM – Interview 2

11:50AM – 12:10PM – Interview 3

12:15PM – 12:45PM – Informal Group Conversations

Residents will be hosting a dinner the evening prior to your interview to welcome you and acclimate you to our program, if your schedule permits. This is an optional, casual event. Dinner typically begins at 6:30PM and goes until about 8:30PM.

The University of Vermont Family Medicine Residency Program conducts a daylong interview. The interview day will begin at 7:15AM and end by 2:30PM. Our interview day consists of a meet and greet session with faculty from our Family Medicine practices, attendance at Grand Rounds (Mondays) or Education Sessions (Wednesdays), a tour of the hospital, a group presentation by the Program Director (Laura McCray, MD, MSCE), individual interviews with the Program Director (Laura McCray, MD, MSCE) , Associate Program Directors (Anne Morris, MD, or Gordon Powers, MD), Department Chair (Tom Peterson, MD) or Vice Chairs (Alicia Jacobs, MD, or John King, MD, MPH).

You will also have an interview with a faculty member and a resident. A group lunch will follow with staff, faculty and residents at our Family Medicine Center. After lunch, our residents of the day will take you on a tour of the clinic and return you to Burlington.

Should you have any special needs (dietary or other) for your interview day, please let our Program Administrator know, and we will try to accommodate those needs as best we can.

*2020-2021 Special Circumstances – As our interview days will be virtual this year, we are still in the planning process of what the day will consist of. It likely will include a presentation of our program by Dr. McCray, as well as three interviews, as per usual. We are working on the logistics of other events surrounding your interview day. If you are offered an interview invitation, you will received detailed information at that time.

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