The Interview Day

We are excited to provide individual interview days for each of our applicants and to share our pride and commitment to our academic mission and training of future colleagues in Neuromuscular Medicine.

You will be taken out to dinner the evening prior to your interview with members of our core faculty to welcome you and acclimate you to our program. Dinner typically begins at 6:30PM and goes until about 8:30PM and it generally at one of the great restaurants located in downtown Burlington church Street. This also gives you an opportunity to see a bit of our vibrant downtown area.


The Church Street Market Place

The University of Vermont Neuromuscular Fellowship Program conducts a daylong interview. The interview day will begin at 7:15AM and end by 2:30PM. Your interview day consists of

  • A meet and greet session with our Program Director Dr. Michael Hehir
  • A tour of the hospital/ neuromuscular clinical area
  • Individual interviews with the Program Director, core faculty members, and DepartmentChair (Greg Holmes, MD). You will also have time to meet with the other clinical members of the neuromuscular team, e.g. EMG technicians and neuromuscular clinical nurse.

Should you have any special needs (dietary or other) for your interview day, please let our Program Administrator know and we will try to accommodate those needs as best we can.


Neuromuscular Medicine sites:
Larner College of Medicine at UVM
UVM Medical Center