Inpatient Services

The Nephrology Service is the sole provider of consultation for problems in renal and electrolyte disorders and hypertension for all services within the hospital (average five to ten consults/week), and also admits its own patients to the Internal Medicine Service on a regular basis (average census, five to ten patients).

Continuous venovenous replacement therapy, peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis, and plasmapheresis, when appropriate, are used to manage renal failure in hospitalized patients. Renal biopsies are performed with ultrasound localization in both native and transplant kidneys by the Nephrology service. In addition, fellows may spend time in ultrasonography, interventional radiology, vascular surgery, and Pediatrics to further their education in these areas.

Chronic outpatient hemodialysis services are provided at four dialysis units. In addition, an unstable outpatient dialysis facility operates in conjunction with the inpatient dialysis service to provide transitional outpatient hemodialysis support. A home dialysis program provides support both for peritoneal dialysis and home hemodialysis.

Outpatient Services

The Nephrology outpatient clinic provides outpatient consultative and follow-up care for patients with acute and chronic renal disease, hypertension, and transplantation.

Renal transplants have been performed at UVM Medical Center for over 25 years, allowing for training experience in short-term as well as long-term transplant management. Currently, 25-30 transplants are carried out each year. All transplant patients are followed by the Nephrology service during their acute hospitalizations, and are followed as outpatients in the Nephrology clinic at UVM Medical Center.


Nephrology sites:
Larner College of Medicine at UVM
UVM Medical Center

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