Program Leadership

Stephen H. Berns, MD
Stephen Berns, MD

Program Director

Headshot of Heather Gottfried, program administrator.
Heather Gottfried

GME Program Administrator

Physician Faculty

Caitlin N. Baran, MD
Caitlin Baran, MD

UVM Medical Center

Diana L. Barnard, MD
Diana Barnard, MD

Porter Medical Center - Site Lead

Jaina P. Clough, MD
Jaina Clough MD

Porter Medical Center

Headshot of physician, Karen Fromhold. She is wearing glasses and a stethoscope around her neck. She has short grey hair. She is standing in front of white background.
Karen Fromhold, MD

Porter Nursing Home - Site Lead

Robert E. Gramling, MD
Robert Gramling, MD

Division Head, Palliative Medicine
UVM Medical Center

Allan  Ramsay, MD
Allan Ramsay, MD

Home Health & Hospice - Site Lead

Lisa A. Rasmussen, MD
Lisa Anne Rasmussen

UVM Medical Center

John W. Wax, MD
John Wax, MD

UVM Medical Center

Patricia G. Whitney, MD
Patricia Whitney, MD

UVM Medical Center - Site Lead

Interprofessional Instructors

Laurel Audy, RN
Taylor Zak, SW
Priscilla Callos, Chaplain

Hospice & Palliative Care Sites:

Academic Department
Larner College of Medicine at UVM

Clinical Department 
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