Longitudinal Clinical Experiences

The longitudinal clinical experience has two components: a continuity clinic at the University of Vermont Cancer Center and a specialty clinic. Every other week, you will care for patients at one of these two clinics.

Every other week, you will see patients in the palliative care continuity clinic at the University of Vermont Cancer Center, where you will have the primary responsibility for a panel of palliative care patients. During the clinic, faculty supervisors and an interprofessional team will support you in managing adult patients with serious illness. Clinic time is protecting, freeing fellows from their other clinical responsibilities.

On the opposite weeks of your continuity clinic, you will see patients in one of our specialty clinics: Pediatrics or ALS. For half the year, you spend time in the Pediatrics Specialty Care Center, working with a palliative care attending who cares for children with serious illness. For the other half of the year, you will spend time in the Neurology/ALS Clinic, caring for patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and collaborating with an interprofessional team to support patients in symptoms and goals of care conversations.

Hospice & Palliative Care Sites:

Academic Department
Larner College of Medicine at UVM

Clinical Department 
UVM Medical Center