Advanced Skills Workshops & Leadership Development

Fellows will also experience several retreats throughout the year dedicated to particular topics. Some of these retreats will be in coordination with the fellowship programs from Dartmouth and Maine Medical Center.

Two Hospice & Palliative Care fellows sitting in a group discussion.

At the beginning of the year, fellows will attend a 2-day workshop that is dedicated to the basics of symptom management, communication skills and consultation practices in palliative medicine.

In collaboration with TalkVermont, a series of workshops will be offered throughout the year that focus on communication skills training. Workshops will cover responding to emotion, communication serious news, navigating goals of care and conflict management. A two-day retreat in the middle of the year will hone your skills in navigating family meetings and team dynamics.

Throughout the year, a series of workshops is dedicated to examining palliative care on the population health level, including various models of payment and health care delivery for patients with serious illness.

During the year, we hold workshops in leadership skills, curriculum development, teaching, and providing feedback to trainees and colleagues. A retreat will be held towards the end of the year to focus on skills in becoming an attending physician.

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