The UVM Medical Center Sleep Program

The UVM Medical Center Sleep Program is an AASM accredited Sleep Center with accreditation granted through 2020. We are also AASM accredited for Home Sleep Apnea Testing. We serve a large catchment area including Vermont and Northern New York and serve both adult and pediatric patients.

The UVM Medical Center Sleep Program Clinic & Offices are located at the UVM Medical Center, South Prospect Street location in Burlington, VT adjacent to the Neurology Clinic. We have a very active outpatient clinic, seeing on average 1800 new patient visits and 2600 follow up visits per year. We offer Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT), Home PAP Titrations, Mask Fitting, and Actigraphy. We have both a Cognitive Behavior Therapy program as well as a Pediatric Behavioral Sleep Medicine program.

Our Sleep Laboratory consists of a total of 9 Beds – a 6 Bed Facility located at the Marriott Residence Inn (for ambulatory patients) and a 3 Bed Facility located at the UVM Medical Center (for patients in need of more assistance). We use state-of-the-art Nihon Kohden Polysomnography equipment and the Respironics OmniLab Advanced for PAP Titration at both locations.

Each year, we perform an average of 1600 Adult Polysomnogram/Titrations, 200 Pediatric Polysomnogram/Titrations, 35 MSLT/MWTs. We use the standard PSG montage with optional extra monitoring available including Full Head EEG, RBD Montage, TcCO2, ETCO2. Titrations utilize a range of PAP modes including CPAP, BiPAP, ASV, AVAPS, Triology. We perform an average of  200 Home Sleep Apnea Tests, 80 Home PAP Titrations and 40 Actigraphy Studies each year.